When Natsprat met Alibob

Once upon a time in a love filled land, aptly named Lovedean, there lived a young spritely girl called Natsprat. Natsprat had a happy life, playing with Forever Friends Bears, walking the doglets and winning cuddlies at the arcade. One not so special day Natsprat skipped to school as she always did with her mum. Natsprat had no idea that today something, or rather someone; quite special was going to happen. After a fun game of rugby with her chums in the playground, Natsprat quickly marched to class. Walking in to the class room Natsprat’s teacher Miss Irving gave Natsprat a very important job.
“Now, I want you to look after Lauren. Lauren has just moved here and she needs someone to show her around.”
Natsprat hadn’t paid much attention to Lauren before; all she knew was that she was a small nymph like creature, who was particularly fond of a terrapin that she’d often seen her talk to. However, despite these interesting ways Natsprat happily took on her new responsibility and promptly invited Lauren to her bday party which was conveniently happening that week. Natsprat was most excited about her bday party as not only would she be going to see the new film The Lion King, but she would be going to McDonalds afterwards! This will be perfect Natsprat thought.

Meanwhile, not so far away a chubby cherub like girl, known as Alibob was enjoying living in her new house. Alibob had only just moved to Lovedean and she felt like a princess in her new home. Alibob loved chatting to her new interesting cat loving neighbours, riding her pretty pink bike repeatedly up and down her garden and sleeping her very own bed- a selection of little luxuries that were all so new to her.
One not so special evening, after munching on her favourite snack of ginger nuts smothered in butter, Alibob’s mum told her that they had to take her sister Lauren to a very special place. Alibob loved her sister dearly but they would often fight. This was because while Alibob was a cherub like creature, Lauren found Alibob’s tantrums, her need to do everything Lauren did, borrowing her toys and ruining them, a tad annoying. When Alibob discovered Lauren was going to a special place she was instantly curious.
‘Where is she going mummy?’ Alibob eagerly asked.
‘Lauren is going to a nice girl’s birthday, they are going to watch The Lion King and get a McDonalds.’
Nice girl, Lion King, MCDONALDS! Alibob couldn’t help herself and as the green infused her body she let out an almighty scream and began to cry.

Back at Natsprat’s house, Natsprat excitedly got ready for her birthday. Natsprat was wearing her very favourite dress, her very favourite blue eye shadow, and all her friends were there. All that was missing was the final party guest, Lauren. After what felt like forever the door bell rang, Natsprat’s fluffy companion Abbey began to bark and Natsprat knew it was time. Running to the door Natsprat watched as her mum greeted Lauren, Lauren’s mum and a loud annoying screaming goblin like creature.
‘O dear what’s the matter?’ Natsprat’s mum kindly asked.
‘O she’s just being naughty because she’s getting jealous. Don’t worry she’ll quieten down once she’s had some dinner.’ Alibob’s mum answered becoming increasingly inpatient with her screaming daughter.
Natsprat was so distracted by the screaming goblin she almost missed the small nymph like Lauren hiding behind her mum’s leg. Standing in her colourful leggings and her floppy brown hair, Lauren looked even more scared than usual. But as Natalie looked at the timid young Lauren she remembered her job and invited Lauren into the party.

After Natsprat’s mum and Lauren’s mum exchanged a few more words about sewing, Lovedean and general motherhood Lauren’s mum took Alibob home. As predicted Alibob soon perked up after scoffing her favourite tea of turkey dinosaurs with chips and thanks to her new friend Natsprat, Lauren perked up too. The party went by in a flash and before they knew it, it was time for Lauren to go home. As Natsprat went with her mum to answer the door she barely recognised the girl with Lauren’s mum. Her goblin screams had been replaced with a happy smile- a smile that grew incredibly when Natsprat’s mum gave her a Timone and Pumba toy that she had kindly got her from McDonalds. Hmmm Natsprat thought, maybe this girl isn’t so bad.

In the days after the party Natsprat and Lauren’s friendship grew over a shared love of Puppy in my Pocket, Animals of Farthing Wood and dogs. As this friendship grew so did Natsprat’s curiosity of Alibob. Alibob would often run across the field to be with Natsprat and Lauren at playtimes, nag to be apart of their games and generally just want to be involved. At first Natsprat found this rather annoying, as did Lauren, but as this years went on this annoyance turned into tolerance, to humorousness, to affection, to now a colourful friendship of seventeen years filled with drunken days, Eggheads dramas, arguments about day time celebrities and much much more xx

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