Hebbo triplets on tour


Ok so the Hebbo triplet holiday has well and truly started. Lauren is reading Pick Me Up, Natalie is reading OK, we’re three hours into the flight and I thought I’d make a start on my diary.

So, what’s happened so far? Well my day started bright and early at 6am, when I was awoken by my trusty alarm. Stumbling out of bed I slowly began to get ready. As I put on my jewels Chris (who surprisingly was also awake at this unGodly hour) told me I talking in my sleep yet again. Disturbingly this time it had apparently been about Gay Matt!

Fully dressed, I then kissed Chris goodbye before he kindly offered to carry my suitcase to the car. I told him he didn’t have to, but before I knew it he was up and out of bed walking downstairs – bless him. I then gave him one final kiss goodbye (I know you’re probably reaching for the sick bucket as I write this) and started my drive to the Rentals. The journey was very grey and drizzly and as I listened to Chris Moyles’ arrogant tones, I discovered he was even more annoying at 6:30 am. Thankfully, I didn’t have to put up with his groans for too long as I soon arrived at the house of Hebbo. Here I was greeted by an overly excited Papa (anyone would think he was going to Disney! Or maybe it was just the thought of having Lauren out of the house for a week) and had a V random chat about gay adoption of all things with my mum, before Lauren crawled downstairs and we hopped in the car to start our journey to FLO-rida!

On route we picked up Natalie, who was awarded the prize for the lightest suitcase- unsurprisingly I was given the prize for the heaviest. Dad then played Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday and the holiday could officially begin. Before long Dad was trying to impress Natalie with his music collection, putting on his new Brit Award CD and saying “Natalie likes my music doesn’t she Ali?”

A bit of gossiping and an awkward speaker phone conversation later we were at Gatwick airport. Checking in I was pleased (and shocked) that my luggage was within the weight restrictions despite being a full 7 kg heavier than Natalie’s’!

Like always we then faced the hard job of getting Lauren through security. Luckily (and again shockingly) she sailed through. However, the same cannot be said for Natalie who did cause a bit of a ruckus. This is because even though we were asked a fair few times whether we had any liquids, Natalie didn’t think this included her perfume, body lotion or shower gel. So when they went through the x ray machine there was a lil kerfuffle but the security man seemed to find it quite funny and even quite comically pretended to steal Natalie’s Milka bar- not sure if she was too amused by this though.

After all that drama we had a mosey round the shops. Natalie bought some Disrarano for her bro, Maltesers, crisps, water and a mag for the plane, Lauren got some water, crisps, a croissant sandwich thing, a Kit Kat and a mag for the plane. And not to feel left out I got some water and sprayed some of Chris’ aftershave on a stick to take on holiday with me – that’s meant to sound sweet by the way not stalkerish. We then toodled along to Garfunkles, where Natalie enjoyed a nice (albeit expensive) omelette and hash browns.  A few obligatory Facebook updates later, it was time to go to our terminal. Whilst there me and Lauren had a slightly tense conversation which was quickly defused by Natalie’s calming presence and slightly awkward looking face.

Jumping on the plane we were to disappointed to find that take off was delayed due to a ‘technical error’ but the time quickly passed by as I entertained myself asking Natalie thoughtful questions like ‘ what do you watch on tv?’- not sure how entertaining this was Natalie though. When we finally took off, we all picked a film to watch. I decided on Never Let Me Go a film about clones and shiz. It was ok, better than The Island– but then again that isn’t really saying much. Lauren went for Social Network, which she liked, although at points she thought it was slightly eerie. And Natalie watched 127 hours, which she again liked but she was a bit sleepy to enjoy it fully. I then watched Eating in the Sun, where Nadia Suala (however you say her name) cooked up a dish in the sun for chef (it was about as entertaining as it sounds) before watching Family Guy and, much to Lauren and Natalie’s amusement, a Comic Relief’s Best Bits program- I didn’t know what was so funny either.

We still have four and a half hours to go and I think Natalie’s getting a little restless so I might annoy her with some more questions. Ciao for now.


Well we did it, the Hebbo triplets have arrived in the USA- relatively drama free. Last time we spoke I was just about to annoy Natalie with some Ali style questions and after finding out who she’d rather sleep with, look like and be out of practically everyone we know, I decided to let her have a nap. I then tried to sleep but I couldn’t so I watched Stand By Me. This was very good but also quite sad in places. The rest of the plane journey then flew by (no pun intended) quite quickly. Like clock work we had the pre holiday Lauren tears, but as these were expected we knew how to deal with them.

We then landed and faced the scary American security men. Luckily we got a relatively nice one who seemed to fancy Lauren and found it incredibly funny that I worked for a baby magazine so we managed to get through pretty painlessly. At baggage claim we found our suitcases literally in seconds. However, there was some confusion when we tried to find our shuttle to hotel. A friendly espanic employee directed us to the information desk, where a man (aged like a hundred) told us the stop we had to go to.

Whilst waiting for the bus a lady managed to fall flat on her face (I don’t know how) causing quite a to-do.  But as me, Lauren and Natalie had now been up for almost twenty hours we couldn’t be bothered to go help so we just sat and watched. The shuttle then soon came along. And it may have been cause I was v tired but I could have sworn our driver was Cee Lo Green. A short journey from the airport and we arrived at our hotel.

As we waited in the lobby to check in, me and Natalie excitedly looked through the different park leaflets and Lauren simply tried to stay awake. Once we checked in we started the hunt for our room- this sounds easy enough, but not when the stair cases are like those in Harry Potter and move around so every time you got to the top you are at the opposite side. When we eventually found our room, I had a quick wee before we headed out for dinner.

Marving and tired we decided to just go to the Sizzlers across the road. Munching on our chicken strips, burgers and endless salad cart we were pleased to find the restaurant was just as good as we remembered. After dinner Lauren had a well earned lie down as Natalie and I unpacked. Unpacking I couldn’t believe quite how much stuff I had stuffed in my suitcase. We then watched a bit of American Idol with a V annoying and emotional J-LO before falling fast asleep.  In the morning I left Lauren and Natalie asleep as I went for a run, where I saw many a sight, including the world’s biggest Mcdonalds, a guy who looked like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite and a restaurant that I thought would have been perfect for Gay Matt, but then I realised it was actually called Bricks Tavern and not what I originally thought. When I got back to the hotel room I had a quick shower before we all headed downstairs for breakfast.  I’m now lying on Lauren’s bed, Natalie’s watching the Disney channel and Lauren is painting her nails- which I’m hoping will dry soon as she said she would do my makeup for me in a bit before we get the shuttle to the Magic Kingdom. I’ll update you on al the hootenanny we get up to there next time we speak. Bysey byes xx


Alrighties, well yesterday was filled with fun, frolics and fearful experiences- and that was before we even got to the park! You see, like I said on our last encounter Lauren myself and Natalie headed to the Magic Kingdom yesterday. And everything was going so well, well ‘well’ until we had travelled the twenty yards to the next stop on our shuttle and broke down.  The driver reassured us the next bus would be along in twenty minutes. However, he also said it would be along in thirty, thirty five minutes and I’m sure at one point I heard the number twelve. So, as we wanted to get to the Magic Kingdom at some point this century we thought we would go with the safe (and expensive) option of getting a taxi. The man at the hotel we asked to ring the taxi was unhelpful saying it would cost $40. Unhappy with this response, we then asked the lady at the other side of the hotel the same question and she was marginally more helpful and five minutes later we met our taxi diver. He looked and sounded just like the African guy on Phone Jacker who tries to steal everyone’s bank account details. But as we still really wanted to get to the Magic Kingdom, we would have accepted a lift off Sadam Hussein.

A hop, skip and a monorail trip later we were finally at Disney- yay! As we arrived we were welcomed by a typically cheesy (and oh so magical) Disney parade. Singing along to the enchanting songs the travel drama of the morning slipped away to the back of our minds. After the parade we popped along to Tomorrow Land where we enjoyed the Monsters Inc Comedy Floor show before jumping on Space Mountain. Natalie and myself enjoyed this ride muchly but the same couldn’t be said for Lauren (evidence for which can be seen in the ride photo.) Ready for refuelling we went to the Starlight Café before going on the Magic Tea Cups- I know V logical. We then went on the Haunted Mansion which I loved but the lack of drops and spins left Natalie a little bemused. Feeling hot and in need of a refreshing splash we thought what better ride to go on next then Splash Mountain!- I know, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

This ride was just right for all of us, it had the happy songs for me, the drops for Natalie and the animals for Lauren perfect! (minus the point where we broke down literally just before the top!) We then squelched along to the castle for the ultimate pp. However, when we got there we found everyone was just staring at the sky (seriously it was like a scene from The Happening or something!) Thankfully, our confusion didn’t last for long as within minutes we saw the Kennedy space shuttle (which Sam had so kindly told me about the previous day) fly by. Once this was done we got back to the more important job of taking our pp before heading to the shuttle pick up.

Again, this started off oh so well with us hopping on the monorail, Natalie enjoying a refreshing squishee and us all reminiscing about our favourite rides. But before long there was some drama, as when we got to the shuttle pick up point the Disney worker kindly informed us were in fact at the wrong stop! We then faced a mad scramble for the monorail to the other bus stop located at Epcot (not easy to do in filp flops) Thankfully we made it in time and went on to have a most lovely conversation about the different celebrities people reminded us of (some were definitely more flattering than others *coughs* Jane Torvll) After a sleepy bus drive, we prettied ourselves up and headed out for dinner. On our travels we met a friendly espanic looking gentlemen who took quite a shine to Natalie saying, and I quote “I like pink and I like tattoos so I like you!” Facebook details exchanged we went to Sizzlers for dinner where we were greeted by our friendly and most definitely crazy Texan water. We then shared a V interesting conversation about star signs, where we both agreed Gemini’s were truly the best sign.

After dinner we did a bit of shopping which included A LOT of bags of peanut butter M & Ms! Exhausted from the taxis, rides and crazy waters we trundled off to our room where I fell asleep and Natalie had a much needed shower. Today I went for another enjoyable run before (wearing nothing but her PJs) Lauren came down for breakfast and sorted out our broken room key at the lobby. I’m currently sat by the pool slightly worried by the lack of sun cream I have on, so I better head back to the room and get lotioned up and check what those scalies Lauren and Natalie are up to. Today we are going to get wild at Animal Kingdom so toodles xx


Well yesterday the unimaginable happened….. There was no bus drama! We went to the lobby to get our bus to Animal Kingdom and guess what? Our bus to Animal Kingdom came! Ok it was about ten minutes late but given our previous experiences this was still bloody amazing! So after a stress free journey to the park we made our way to Animal Kingdom’s Everest rollercoaster. On the way there we found many a photo opportunity (heaven for Facebook obsessed girls like us!)- including a picture by the Tree of Life, a picture in Asia and of course a photo outside Everest. The Everest rollercoaster was just as scary and amazing as I remembered, however Lauren was slightly disappointed she didn’t see the yeti (I don’t know how she missed it though considering it jumped out literally right in front of you.)

We then moseyed down to Africa to do the Kilimanjaro safari. On the way Lauren made the obligatory parent style joke about being worried on how we were going to get from Asia to Africa considering we’d left our passports out at the hotel- oh she’s a wag! There was a little bit of a queue for this ride but this wasn’t a problem as it gave us a prime opportunity to discuss Natalie’s love life. However, I’m not sure if at points our conversation was really Disney appropriate. Once we finally got on the ride we saw a variety of exotic and lovely animals. My favourite was the cheetahs and so was Laurens but Natalie was partial to the hippos- which I must admit were rather cute. Tired from our safari we then got some lunch where we sat next to the strangest table of people who were all sharing one meal and kept staring at us- jealousy obviously!

Suitably refueled we scooted back to Asia to go on the Rapids where omg we got SOAKED. Thankfully being in Florida we soon dried off and trundled down to watch the Festival of The Lion King. This was again spectacular, however I’m sure last time I saw it the guy that sang Simba’s songs had a much better body. As we left the show we were greeted by Minnie and Goofy (Mickey was nowhere to be seen but don’t get me started on that) so after I pushed in front of a few five year olds to get my photo taken, we headed to another country where we went on this Tiger Trek. This was fun and the tigers were cute but I did get a tad sad when I saw some of the tigers pacing up and down looking a bit depressed. It was then time to get our bus which omg came where it was meant to when it was meant to! It was so good that when we arrived at our next shuttle spot we actually had some time to kill so we thought we’d have a mosey around Epcot. However, while I managed to slip though, Natalie’s access was denied because apparently her ticket (which was exactly the same as mine) only allowed access to one park at a time. I can only think that either I managed to slip through the bars illegally or they just didn’t want Natalie’s sort in Epcot. Either way we weren’t too bothered as Natalie still managed to buy her Yum Yum/Krispy Kreme from the pastry shop and we got a few photos with the golf ball (def the best thing about Epcot anyway.)

We were then taken back to our hotel by a guy who looked like a cheap Elvis impersonator. When we got home we had a quick lie down before heading to TGIs (it was Friday after all), there we enjoyed a few cocktails an a bit of a heated debate. So heated in fact that I ended up slamming my hands on the table and got a few stares from the fellow customers. After dinner we waddled along to Dairy Queen where I got the most delightful cookie dough sundae thing. A bit of cheesy USA TV later it was time for bed and we all enjoyed a long sleep. Today I had another run in the sun before scaring the lady in the lobby when I asked her where F21 was. I know I looked rough after my run but not that bad! In a bit we are hitting the shops so asta la vista xxx


So, yesterday I told you we were gong shopping and that is exactly what we did. To be precise I bought- a jumper, cardigan, jeans, jogging bottoms, two skirts, two necklaces, a ring, earrings, a bag, a bangle, two pairs of Levis, another pair of jogging bottoms, a vest top, a dressy top, a lacy thing, two dresses oh and lunch. BUT a bag, a bangle, a pair of jogging bottoms and a vest top were presents so when you think about it, it isn’t really that much. As you can imagine most of this was purchased from Forever 21 AKA my heaven. As I arrived, walking through the golden walkway I literally didn’t know where to go first. Everywhere e looked so pretty (and cheap!) and even after an hour of shopping and trying different beautiful things on I still didn’t feel done. Lauren on the other hand was most definitely done. So done in fact that we had a minor, let’s say disagreement which left Natalie feeling ever so slightly awkward. Thankfully this disagreement was soon laughed off after a few more shops and some much needed refuelling in the food court. Once we’d munched our way through our Subways we then set about finding Lauren some UGGs. However, when we arrived at the UGG store they ha every UGG you could have dreamed of (pink ones, camouflages ones, ones with heels) apart from the ones Lauren wanted! But all hope was not lost as the sales assistant kindly told us that there was another store that may have the UGGs that Lauren so desperately wanted. And by a kind twist of fate this store was located next to Forever 21. So as Lauren and Natalie searched for Laurens UGGs I enjoyed a second round of Forever 21 shopping.

After picking a few more stylish pieces I just couldn’t live without I was greeted by Lauren and Natalie. Sadly this UGG store also didn’t have the UGGs Lauren desired but they did have some very pretty pink ones that Natalie snapped up. Once Lauren and Natalie dragged me away from Forever 21 we had an excruciating trip to Gap where both Lauren and Natalie spent what felt like forever deciding which polo shirts to get Sam and Natalie’s dad. Staring at the charcoal and grey shirts, I had to do everything to stop myself from screaming “THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!”- Note I after my shopping behaviour in Forever 21 I know I didn’t really have a leg to stand on with these comments.

Boring T shirts bought, we then hopped on the I ride where we were given a “triple A plus” by the I ride driver for our good cord pulling skills. A much needed lye down later we were on the I ride again as we set off for a highly anticipated meal at the Golden Corral (highly anticipated as Lauren had been warned not to return to the office by her colleagues if she hadn’t been to this very eatery.) As we excitedly sat on the I ride I got talking to this crazy lady about our day shopping. She was clearly not all there but she gave us some free I ride tickets so I didn’t really care. When we finally arrived at the Golden Corral, we were filled with excitement but as we pushed back the restaurant doors we saw something resembling a VERY low market school dinneresque canteen. But instead of school kids there were lines of obese Americans shovelling down the food.

“It looks ok…” I politely said as we queued (secretly praying to God Lauren and Natalie wouldn’t want to eat here.)

Thankfully my prayers were answered as, Natalie bluntly said, “I don’t want to eat here.” Followed by Lauren elegantly saying, “It looks Sh*t.”

So off we trundled to the next restaurant. This one was called Perkin and while the tasty looking cookies in the window filled us with confidence our dinner fait that evening was still not looking so good.

As we waited for our table me and Lauren both agreed that the staff motto here should have been, “you don’t have to be fat to work here, but it helps!” However, we both took this as a good sign.  And don’t get me wrong the food here was tasty but our meal was slightly tainted given that we were served by someone who modeled themselves on Kathy Bates in Misery. Every time we made a request you felt she could explode and brake your ankles with a sledge hammer. Needless to say we didn’t tip.

After our Stephen King style meal we enjoyed a leisurely walk down the dive before heading back to our hotel room. Exhausted from shopping it wasn’t long before Lauren was fast asleep. Whereas myself being high on a coke overdose was wide awake till the wee hours asking Natalie her views on ghosts, aliens and the meaning of life. During this conversation I learnt many a thing about Natalie but none as shocking as her views on a certain well loved animal- inspired by us watching Spanish Animals do the Funniest Things. All talked out we then too fell fast asleep.

Today we are off to Universal for some rollercoaster fun which I’m sure will lead to may a funny photo opportunity of scared Lauren’s. Toodle ooo Mother F****** xxx

28.02 11

Right, so yesterday we went to Universal and boy did we get our money’s worth! Our day started with yet another fun filled shuttle ride. We were please to find the driver on time. However, we soon realised that this was probably because the driver didn’t really feel the need to stop the bus when jumping out to pick up passengers. Somehow we still managed to arrive at the park in one piece and our first stop Islands of Adventure. Entering the Comic Book Land I persuaded Natalie to go on Dr Doom’s Drop Ride. Luckily it wasn’t ‘too’ scary so I think she quite enjoyed it. We then walked along to Jurassic Park, where we went on the Dinosaur River Adventure. Like the last time we went on the ride it took a wrong turn and we ended up by the Tyrannosaurus Rex- seriously you think someone would have sorted that out by now!

After all that excitement we strolled through Harry Potter land where we saw a lot of wands, wizards and butter beer! After that we felt like we’d pretty much done Islands of Adventure so we hopped over to Universal Studios. Here we immediately saw their new rollercoaster the Hollywood Rock It Rollercoaster. This was pretty cool as you got to pick a song to listen too as you went round. But, Natalie’s trip was slightly tainted as not only did she lose her sunglasses but her boob popped out. Plus, to make the situation even better this rollercoaster actually took a video of you on the ride! So us and a good few got Universal guests, got to see the boobage incident. Hysterical laughing over, it was lunch time so we marched off to get some grub. Over lunch we played my favourite game of rating different friends’ and relatives’ attractiveness. We then skipped along to the new Simpson’s Land- which OMG was amazing! Here, we went on a really cool roller coaster where you travel through Krusty Land. Scariness was added to this ride by the fact we had to share our seat with a morbidly obese man which meant our safety bar was nowhere near us.

A few Simpsons photos later we went on the Woody rollercoaster which was pretty lame. – I get more scared on a ride in the car with my mum! Rollercoasterd out we decided to go and watch the Animals in Action show which even tough was V cute, I did feel slightly sorry for the Oran u Tang in the shower cap. As there were no lines we then managed to fit in Shrek 4D, ET, Jaws and MIB before we had much needed sit down. Sipping our cokes, watching the world go by, a park attendant then came along and asked us to leave the park- I know how rude?

Annoyingly, we still had an hour to kill before our bus came to pick us up so we had a little look around the shops along the City Walk, before having a rather X rated conversation, inspired by Lauren’s VERY random and rude questions. Luckily the bus arrived dead on time and took only minutes to get us home so after a quick pretty up we headed out to Sizzlers for a tasty meal.

We were greeted yet again by our favourite crazy Texas waiter who felt the need to tell us his entire life story. (We learnt that he was in the military, he had a collection of priceless Princess Diana stamps and psychic powers. He said some other stuff to but by this point we’d all kinda switched off.) We then had a little look round the shops to find Natalie some replacement sunglasses before going back to our room where I was sooo tired that I couldn’t even stay up until the end of Golden Girls! Today we are having a chill day by the pool, where I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time battling with Natalie to try and make her put sun scream on! Scoodles xxxx


Ok, before I say anything, I must warn you that I am writing this entry ever so carefully as I’m using Lauren’s fancy pen since I appear to have lost mine (in addition to losing my room key, nighty and numerous other things- coincidence I think not!) Anyways today is the 1st March (pinch punch and all that jazz) and our last whole day of the hol 😦 Yesterday we had a V relaxing day, starting out with nearly four hours of simply lying by the pool.  Amazingly, I didn’t get bored once and I even managed to have a lil sleep! I guess that shows you how tiring this holiday is, although I’m sure you can imagine that considering I’m in sweltering heat keeping an eye on both Lauren AND Natalie- I jest of course. Suitably cooked we then skipped along to KFC for lunch. This was a strange and foreign experience- and not just because it was me entering a fast food restaurant. No it was strange because instead of chips they served wedges, there was section called KGC where they served grilled chicken and Lauren was served biscuits with her meal. However these weren’t like the biscuits that you and I love, oh no no, these were weird savoury scone things, needless to say Lauren didn’t eat them. After our AKFC (Alternative Kentucky Fried Chicken) we went to Wallgreens where we all bought A LOT of sweets, as well as a few cute scented nail polishes, nail art pens and even a dog toy!- we needed something to keep Lauren entertained on the plane.  We then noticed a place where they bought unused Disney tickets and as we would only be using three days of our five day passes we thought we’d enquire with the man about how much mojo we could get. The man at the ticket shop then explained this rather long winded (and slightly risky sounding) way that he’d buy the tickets if we paid $75 at the park to add days to our tickets and he’d then give us $175 for the tickets. And even though he reassured us he legitimate and he’d send a guy that Natalie thought looked like Nedal to pick us up from the park in his very own sports care, me and Lauren weren’t convinced so we decided to give it a miss. We then had a look around some V tacky gift shops (making the same old, although still very funny, jokes about which things we’d buy for people at home.)  we then all went to the pool where Lauren gave me a much needed pedicure and manicure whilst I spent at least an hour asking Natalie which celebrities she would rather sleep with. Big names included Richard Madely or Philip Schofield, Phil Mitchel or Phil Collins and of course Harold or Lou- the answers left me quite shocked I can tell you.

Prettying ourselves up for our penultimate evening we decided to go to Chillis for a change and we were welcomed by a waiter, so smiley he made Lucy look depressed. After dinner we meandered back to our room, watched a couple amusing episodes of Family Guy before falling straight to sleep. Today we are going to Hollywood Studios where I am MOST excited about going on my all time fave ride Terror Tower. Catch ya later xxxx


Boo-urns it’s the last day of the holiday and its gone WAY too quickly! So as I sit by the pool munching on my over sugared raisin bran, I’ll tell you about how yesterday (our last whole day) went. Well like most days on this holiday it started with a slightly late (only five minutes so no bigee) bus trip to the park. However unlike the previous trips on the holiday our energy and significantly lowered and I’m sure at some point we all rested our eyes for some much needed extra sleep. When we arrived at Hollywood Studios a cheeky bag attendant tried to trick us that Terror Tower (as previously mentioned my all time favourite ride) was closed. And us being in our tired holiday minds, we ALMOST believed him. But then luckily his naughty glint in his eye reassured us that the ride was in fact actually open- few! That scare over we headed straight over to said ride and it was even better than I remembered. Leaving the Twilight Zone we were just in time to watch the Beauty and the Beast Show, which was again just as magical as I remembered. In the show we noticed quite a few look alikes, with Sam playing Gaston, Lauren playing Belle and Matt playing the Beast (the human version of course!) we then rocked our way onto the Aerosmith ride before going to the Animation Courtyard. Here we enjoyed the enchanting Voyage of the Mermaid. Musicalled out, we decided to get some food so we trotted back to the Terror Tower area to café that seemed to have food for all our needs; Salads for me, Nuggets for Lauren and pizza for Natalie. Gobbling up our lunch Natalie said there was a guy staring at her like he recognised her but I didn’t notice- prob too busy eating.

Stalkerish lunch over, we then went to the Pixar Land and battled against each other on the Toy Story Mid Town Mania ride. Like MIB, I did pretty bad and was again convinced it was a fix. After a quick drink stop it was time for the American Idol experience. On this ride you have to vote for which park visitor has the best voice. There was a 14 yr old girl, a big fat Texas man and this REALLY weird boy that didn’t seem like he was all there.  The Texan man was probably the best singer but I felt sorry for the girl so I decided to vote for her. Unsurprisingly though the Texan man won though.

We then went to the bus station our final bus ride which miraculously arrived five minutes early! Getting back to the hotel we watched a couple of eps of How I met your Mother ( this shows how bad the TV is out here by the way as there is no way I could watch this at home) before completing our last prettification session and heading out for our evening meal. As it was the last night we really went to town ( I wore falsies and everything!) Glammed up, we had a few photos by the pool and bear, before going to Wild Jacks for dinner. The food here was definitely more expensive than the other restaurants we went to on the holiday but it was certainly worth it as I had some very yummy salmon, as did Lauren, while Natalie enjoyed some very tasty vanilla sponge cake.  Strolling along International Drive we searched for the man that said he would buy our unused Disney tickets off us as I had now officially run out of dollars. Sadly, we soon discovered the man actually wasn’t working, so we are hoping to find him today or I am going to have one V hungry plane ride home.

Ticket searching over we went back to our room to pack (well me and Natalie packed as Lauren had another lie down.) Amazingly, even with my F21 buys I managed to close my case. However, I think some sweets may have been slightly squashed in the process. I am now even more worried about my case being over the weight limit but we can cross that rickety bridge when we get to the airport. So today are going to try and find the ticket man before having some lunch at Sizzlers and going home to sunny old England. Farewell old chums 😦 xxxxx

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