The designer with ADHD

It’s time for another dating disaster… The designer with ADHD.
Okay, so back when I was on Tinder, Sunday morning was my preferred time for swiping. Not only is it a good lazy activity to do to avoid actually getting out of bed, but it also looks less tragic to prospective daters than when you’re online stuck at home on a Friday or Saturday night. Plus, if you HAVE been out on a Saturday night and seen a guy you liked, it’s a good time to have a search and see if he’s single too.- Sure, in the olden days you could have just gone and spoken to him when you saw him out but that would be way too simple.

Any way, during one Sunday swiping session I came across a particularly hot guy. So hot in fact that when we matched I decided to message him first – normally a no go for me on Tinder as I try and apply some old fashion logic that they should make the first move. But this guy was hot and I was bored.

To my delight he quickly messaged me back and asked me what I was up to that day. I replied with not alot usual Sunday shenanigans, to which he quickly messaged back with an invitation to a coffee. Surprised and impressed by his eagerness, I agreed and within 20 minutes of matching with this hot guy, I’d secured a date – score!
We settled on Costa in town for the date – again handy as it is in walking distance from my flat ( you seeing a bit of a theme here?) so dressed in my casual coffee date finery ( cute bronze skirt, brown tights, cream jumper and green ankle boots – they sound horrible but honestly they are cute)  I strolled down to Costa and to my disappointment (and mild annoyance) he wasn’t standing waiting for me when I arrived, instead, I got a text saying he was running 15 mins late. Tardiness is never good in my books, but on a first date it is a definite no go.
Luckily, the annoyance was soon gone when I realised this gave me a perfect excuse to have a mosey round Primarini. This mosey of course led to a purchase which meant that I actually ended up leaving him waiting for me…whoops!  Concealing my Primarini purchases in my handbag (never good to reveal your cheapskate shopping addiction on a first date) I walked over to Costa and was pleased to see that he looked as hot as his pictures in real life. He was a little shorter than I imagined, but this wasn’t a deal breaker because luckily I’d remembered only to wear my mid high heels.
We then avoided the usual awkward greeting kiss because when I’d barely got a hel… out he was already swooping in there. True this took me slightly off guard but at least it was out the way. Unfortunately, it then seemed like he out the way as within two minutes of us entering Costa (prob should mention at this point, other coffee dating spots are available) and ordering our drinks, he’d already asked me about my day, career and hobbies!  At this point I put his extreme questioning down to nerves and enjoyed someone actually taking an interest – I’ve been on so many date .where I swear the guy has barely managed to squeeze out a ‘how’s you?’ Let alone a logical interested question.
Fortunately, when we sat down he did stop the questions whilst drinking and for breathing gaps. The caffeine didn’t do much for his already extreme hyperactivity though and as he told a story mid flow he did manage to spill his drink everywhere.
Yet, even with the drink spill and the Spanish inquisition, I did find something endearing about him. The date definitely wasn’t boring and the moments when he did actually stop for a breathe, he did seem genuinely interested in me. The fact that he was a designer with his own flat were also plusses- not that I’m shallow or anything…
As the date drew to an end, I was slightly exhausted, but as I walker home I was also pleased to see a text from him thanking me for a great afternoon.
So, after a week of flirty humorous texts I agreed to meet him for another date. Taking things to the next level, this date was an alcoholic evening beverage at the Wine Vaults.- If you’ve read my previous entry you’ll know how much I like it there!
As the day of the date rocked around, I was slightly concerned when I hadn’t received a text from him all day. Call me a control freak but when I’m going out in the eve, I like to know the full arrangements by no later.than.11am ( preferably a day in advance) that way you can organise your hair, outfit and eating arrangements. So, when he waited until 5pm to send a causal “you still on for tonight text” I was a little pissed. However, still wanting to go out, I decided to put my pissyness on hold and simply replied, “yes, what time?” He then waited until 7.45pm to say “let’s meet at 830.”
Fuming at being kept waiting that long, I then forced myself to send a “that’s fine” text. I then rushed to get ready in.45 mins. Little did I know I neededn’t of bothered as 830 then came and went and it wasn’t until 845 I got a causal “I’m just calling a taxi now” text. Needless to say I didn’t reply.

915pm then comes around and I get another text. “Sorry the taxi is still not here.” It isn’t until 945pm that he finally arrives at my door with the taxi. Answering the door I had now passed the point of caring and didn’t try to hide my distain. He picked up on this and began to real out the excuses ‘”so sorry I got home and decided to go on a bikeride then there was this program I really go into then. I was hungry and ordered a pizza’.”Okay, so this guy either had no concept of time or some serious attention issues.

Not wanting to completely right off the date( I’d waited long enough for it!) I decided to forgive him as long as he got me a v strong drink – it’s amazing the power Vodka has to make you forget your pissed offiness.  Sadly, alcohol didn’t have any relaxing qualities for him and his questioning that before seemed inquisitive felt more like an interrogation. And when he wasn’t questioning, he literally couldn’t sit still- seriously there were point when I thought he was actually going to fall off his chair!
The deal breaker was when he suggested and I quote “ having it large tonight’s and going into town to get shots.” Not up for going on a date with a Kevin and Perry wannabe, I decided to call it a night.
Surprisingly, after all that I’m still in touch with him though!. After the date that broke the rule better late than never, we agreed to just be friends. He now sends me funny texts ( his hyperactivity is alot more endearing in text form) as well as random invitations to crazy activities. For example just last week he invited me canoeing. I’ve yet to take him up on any of these given how tiring the coffee and drink were but it’s always nice to be asked.

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