Princess Veronica and her Jester/DJ Alan

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away there was a beautiful young princess called Veronica. Princess Veronica lived in a magical castle with the King and Queen of Northwood, and her gorgeous little girl Gina. Everyday Princess Veronica would dream of finding a prince and having a palace of her own.

Sadly, as Veronica was such a special princess, finding a prince that could match her sheer amazingnus wasn’t going to be easy… So, Princess Veronica waited very patiently until one day when her close friend, the Queen of West Drayton, invited her to the christening of her royal highness, Princess Charlotte. The christening was going to be the grandest event of the land, with every duke and duchess in the Middlesex area in attendance. Princess Veronica felt honoured, but quite anxious, about such an invite and wondered if she was special enough to attend. Thankfully, Princess Veronica’s fairy godmother Barbara came to her rescue and, along with the Queen of Northwood, gave her just the magic boost of confidence she needed.

On the day of the grand event, Princess Veronica looked even more beautiful than usual, as did her gorgeous little girl Gina, who was dressed in the prettiest of pink dresses. As Princess Veronica and Gina entered the church, a ray of golden magical light shone around them, leaving everyone staring in wonder…including a handsome young boy called Alan.

Alan was the official jester/DJ of the christening, however as he was so taken a back by the beauty of Princess Veronica he was unable to complete any of his duties. Instead he spent the evening in awe of Princess Veronica, doing everything he could to impress such a beauty – including spraying squirty cream all over young Gina! Luckily (and some would say surprisingly) this didn’t put off Princess Veronica and she too felt that she had found her soul mate in the handsome young jester/DJ.

Like all true romances, theirs was a whirlwind of love and within two short weeks young jester/DJ Alan proposed to Princess Veronica in the enchanted car park of the Runnymede hotel in Staines. A hop skip and another little princess later, the pair were married living in their own palace called Great Western Cottages. Princess Veronica thought she couldn’t be happier… that was until two years later when their family was finally complete with the arrival of their third little princess Ali.

The royal family lived together happily at Great Western Cottages, experiencing many adventures …from slimy slugs to gigantic Christmas trees. After a few short years the hard work and intelligence of jester/DJ Alan was recognised and he was given an exciting new job in the land of Portsmouth. Here he bought an even bigger and grander palace for his family to live,  where the family shared many a happy time.

Now 30 years on, Princess Veronica and Jester/DJ Alan live in the royal estate of Rose Hill with their new princess Biba.  And while the years may have passed, one thing has remained the same…the true love of the Princess Veronica and her DJ/Jester Alan.

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