The tale of Princess Lauren and Prince Sam

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away lived a beautiful princess called Lauren. Lauren lived in an enchanted kingdom with her mum and dad, the King and Queen of Lovedean and her two sisters, Princesses Gina and Ali.

Lauren was a hard working intelligent princess and not long after her 19th birthday, she started her studies at the University of Princes and Princesses in Portsmouth. Here, Princess Lauren learned everything from magical cheerleading to fantasy Computer Animation.

After a hard day’s study, Princess Lauren’s favourite place to go was the Royal Registry. However, when she made a trip there on one dark November eve with her Royal friends, Princess Natalie of Yoells Lane and Princess Laura of Nineham, Princess Lauren had no idea the magic that awaited her -Princess Ali was invited by the way, but for some unknown geeky reason she decided to stay home studying instead… But that’s another story!

Anyway back to this dark November eve… Entering the Royal Registry, amongst the grimy goblins and jesters, Princess Lauren’s eyes were immediately drawn to a tall exotic looking Prince, his Royal highness of Essex. Princess Lauren was entranced by the prince’s dashing looks. But with no pixie dust or magical potion, Princess Lauren had no idea how to catch his attention.

Thankfully, Princess Laura of Nineham had already had plenty of magical potion and faced no fear as she made the fearsome journey across the Royal Registry to Prince Sam of Essex and his royal henchmen, Knight Neil of Kielby and Duke Dean of Moulder. Taking Prince Sam of Essex by the arm, Princess Laura of Nineham told him all about the beautiful Princess Lauren and how she was just the girl for him.

However, Princess Laura of Nineham soon realised she needn’t had made her journey across the Royal Registry as Prince Sam of Essex had already been spellbound by Princess Lauren but believed he would never have a chance with such a fair beauty. With that Princess Laura of Nineham gave Prince Sam of Essex Princess Lauren’s number and the very next day they were conversing via the ancient form of texting.

Like all true romances, at first their love was kept under the strictest secrecy, with Princess Lauren disguising her dates with Prince Sam as trips to the Royal Bingo. After months’ of courtship, Princess Lauren felt finally ready to introduce Prince Sam to her parents. On their first meeting Prince Sam underwent the most fearsome interrogation, with the most difficult of questions like ‘how do you find Lovedean?’ thankfully Prince Sam passed with flying colours- King Alan even agreed to overlook his royal allegiance to the club of West Ham.

Princess Lauren and Prince Sam then enjoyed many adventures together, with everything from sourcerous Subway trips to cold caravan capers, before setting up home in their own palace in the Royal Kingdom of Joseph Court.

Now, ten years on from that cold November eve, as Princess Lauren and Prince Sam get set to become King and Queen Faulkner they truly have the happiest of ever afters.

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