REVIEW: Robin Hood, Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

fullsizerender-50Everyone’s favourite East End couple, Kat and Alfie have reunited for this year’s Mayflower pantomime.

Starring, Shane Ritchie and Jessie Wallace the festive production took on the Babes in the Wood remake, Robin Hood, delivering chuckles, cheese …everything you need to get you in the Christmas spirit!

The plot might have been slightly confusing with archery competitions, gorillas and a T Rex. However, what it lacked in logic, it made up for in special effects and hilarious performances from both the leads and supporting cast.

Surprise highlights came from professional magician Phil Hitchcock, who made doves randomly appear and provided some very convincing magical illusions. At points where the production was going down, he lifted the quality back up. The dame, Jeffrey Holland, again gave a perfectly comic-timed performance, as was expected from an actor of Holland’s calibre and experience.

All in all an excellent performance sure to leave you feeling a lot more festive than the annual Eastenders Christmas special.

Robin Hood is at Mayflower Theatre until 8th January. Tickets are available via the Mayflower website.

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