2016 review

Okay, Natalie as another year draws to a close, it’s that time again for me to talk you through the highlights of the last 12 months.

So, starting with January…traditionally a dark, cold and generally depressing month, 2016’s was a bit different as we had the first official wedding event with Lobo and Sam’s engagement party. Filled with joy and merriment, it was the perfect way to kick-start the year. Memories of this event are slightly blurred as not only was I drinking black vodka, I was drunk on Faulkner wedding excitement!   But what I do remember were lots of dancing, lots selfies and lots of fun fun fun!


Now, we all know February is the month of love but for me it was more of a love/hate as we finally got the airing of Dinner Date. One of the privileged few invited to the special Hebbo screening, you got to witness first-hand the cringe worthy viewing with my mum’s commentary, featuring lines like “oh Ali he liked big bums and boobs, you never stood a chance” It was very enlightening viewing as up until that point I thought Eggheads was the most embarrassing thing I’d ever done. I think it’s safe to say my television career is officially over now.


March was a busy month of cousin’s weddings, spring soirees and of course Easter! However, one of the most momentous things that happened on this very month was the meeting of young handsome Ted and beautiful little Biba. A budding romance, this is something I want to develop in 2017 – and don’t worry I’ll let you decide on the walk length.


April, the month of fools saw another one of the clan turn 30 with Cam’s surprise party. Another very fun event with drinks, food and the reunion of Lauren and one of her great loves (see if you can spot who I am talking about in the pic…clue it’s not Sam!)


The fifth month of May saw us get all dressed up not for a night on the tiles but for your beloved Eurovision! Pipping Australia to the post, it was Ukraine who took the title. However for me the biggest shocker of the eve was just how rough Justin was looking!


June, June, now what happens in June? Oh yes my birthday! A fun festive eve for all, apart from Lauren who had a little too much fun and decided to puke up all my party food in my bathroom! Thankfully Sam took on cleaning duties but all the same I don’t think I’ll let her at the sausage rolls again! 


Over half way through the year and we were at July. A sunny cheery month, this was when we enjoyed some pizza fun at Stacey’s and I got to meet the beautiful Stormy for the first time. And while the weather may have dropped in the eve, we were kept nice and warm with some Cam donated hoodies!


In August, Lovedean’s answer to Peter Pan, turned 30 as we joined together at Casa de Hebbo for a right old shin dig.  Bbq, locomotion and a v drunk Papa Heb, it had everything you’d want from a Hebbo party. Luckily there was no party puke this time with Lauren looking every inch the birthday princess.


September was months of sun as we all set sail/flew to Lanzarote! Cocktails, hot waiters and a LOT of handbags, it was the perfect way to celebrate Lauren’s last holiday as a single gal. However, I think what will stick with me most were the fun late night chats we had and my heroic cockroach poaching efforts…while I may not have killed it, it definitely disappeared….


Now there was one event and one event only in October and that was the wedding of the century. 10 years in the making this was quite possibly one of the nicest days ever. Everything went perfect for our pretty little princess Lauren and fun was had by all. However, again one thing that will stay with me is our late night chat on the wedding eve, including “Ali I need a ****”


November is all about you Natalie with your fun birthday bash! Avoiding your signature Tiger, a fun eve was had at Southsea’s finest establishments – despite Chris’ review of my fantastic driving!


And then it was all over in December! So while many aren’t too happy with how 2016 has been, I think you’ll agree there have been some very fun occurrences.  Who knows what 2017 will hold, but as it is kicking off with the Hebbo triplets going AYT we know we’re off to a good start.


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