REVIEW: Cirque de Glace – Evolution, The Kings Theatre

Bizarre, different but most importantly entertaining – just a few words to describe the Kings Theatre’s production of Cirque de Glace.

Opening with beams of light and a booming David Attenborough style narration, the show starts by telling the story of the creation of earth while a volcano burst into life on stage.

A bold opening to a show with 16 talented gymnasts giving a 2 hour synopsis of the earth’s creation in the form of ice dance.

The first half sees the formation of land and sea told through impressive routines by a talented troupe of performers. Apes then dance to the sound of drums before the tribal arrival of mankind, fire and the wheel.

The unique ice routines were punctuated by some spectacular aerial acrobatic displays, trapeze, beam and a contortionist atop a globe, some of the highlights of the show. Stand out moments come from the acrobatics, including a double spinning aerial trapeze, all completed in ice skates.

The second act shows the journey into the space age with the skaters gliding around the stage in NASA space suits perfectly depicting the moon walk.

Clever and thought-provoking scenes of the rat race, deforestation and global warming follow.

A montage completes this breath-taking stunt filled and ultimately thrilling tale.

Cirque de Glace – Evolution runs at the Kings Theatre Until Sunday 12th March buy tickets here 

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