REVIEW: The Wedding Singer

The Mayflower takes us back to the year of 1985 with their retro production of The Wedding Singer.


A reworking of the 1998 Adam Sandler hit film, The Wedding Singer,  tells the story of Robbie Hart,  a wedding singer who, as the show opens, is preparing to watch his very own bride, Linda walk down the aisle the next day. Sadly, true love is not meant to be and Robbie is unceremoniously jilted at the alter by Linda who cannot bring herself to marry a wedding singer who never quite became the rock star she thought he would. Luckily, his new-found friendship in waitress Julia Sullivan both helps and hinders the mending of his broken heart as, before too long, he falls for her instead. Julia, though, is due to marry the arrogant Glen Guglia…

A simple romantic comedy, this light-hearted, feel-good musical will leave you smiling and singing along all the way home.

Stand out performances come from Cassie Compton, who’s vocals are beautiful and she nails the big numbers including If I Told You and It’s Not That Kind of Thing.

Delivering everything you want and more from an 80s classic, The Wedding Singer is packed with clever moments that really use the set and space to its every advantage and strong numbers, including Single.

Overall, the Wedding Singer is a musical treat, full of fantastic songs, tight harmonies, unforgettable choreography and wonderful acting.

The Wedding Singer runs at the Mayflower Southampton until the 8th April. 

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