Hayley and Robert – Cain Manor – Saturday 18th February 2017

The lights, the presents or the just that festive magic… it’s hard to know why, but there is definitely something romantic about Christmas. And Romance was definitely in the air, one special Christmas Eve for Hayley and Robert.

Both working in a bar at Bexley, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight however, with the couple both ignoring each other. Luckily, with a little Dutch courage, the pair began to speak during their festive lock in.

Soon after, Hayley and Robert had their first date, where they enjoyed chicken wings and lots of beer! The couple’s whirlwind romance then began and Rob shortly proposed to Hayley on the 15th bridge in Amsterdam, surrounded with fairy lights.

Celebrating with an Italian and plenty of pink Champagne, Hayley and Rob wasted no time in organising their wedding, booking the venue in October, all set to be wed in February.

But while many couples struggle choosing the perfect place for their wedding, Hayley and Rob knew Cain Manor was meant to be. This is because when Rob sent a picture of Hayley’s ring to her mum, she was at Cain Manor- a definite sign they thought.

Once the venue had been booked, everything else fell into place and Hayley had no problem quickly finding everything from the dress to the flowers.

When the day of the wedding came around, both Hayley and Rob couldn’t have hoped for anything more, agreeing it was the best day of their lives.

Yet even though they had organised everything effortlessly, there were still some surprises to be had with their singing waiters.

And while the pair agree everything about the day was perfect, Hayley’s favourite moment had to be the ceremony, the ultimate present from that one special Christmas eve.

Images taken by Joanna Cleeve Photography and Jenny Owens Photography

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