Review: Beautiful the Musical

Telling the tale of singer/songwriter Carole King, Beautiful the musical is jam packed with hit after hit.

Taking to Southampton’s Mayflower stage, Beautiful includes all your favourite classics from ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ to ‘(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman’, brought to life by a talented cast and band.

From the beginning, we are thrown straight into the 60s with a fun overture hinting at the music to come.

The show then starts with King (Bronté Barbé), playing piano at Carnegie Hall in her later career, and after a brief monologue we are back into the late 50s. The audience then sees Carole’s journey from college to her successful musician – with all the love and heart ache in between. Barbé is faultless as King.

The support from the ensemble is outstanding, and their transitions on and off stage, which were often extremely quick depending on what the music demanded, were seamless.

The singing if further enhanced by the talented orchestra, who complete the 60s feel.

See what else is coming up at Southampton’s Mayflower hereBeautful-702x336.jpg

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