The Mayflower Southampton is taking crowds back to the 80’s this week with its latest musical offering, An Officer and a Gentleman.

However, despite a soundtrack full of upbeat 80’s classics like Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Livin’ on a Prayer, this is far from your standard feel good sing a long musical. Covering dark themes, including suicide, alcoholism and child abandonment there are lots of thought provoking moments that allow you to really empathize with the characters.

Staying true to the 1982, Oscar winning film, the musical tells the story of Zack Mayo, a young man with big dreams of becoming a US Navy Pilot. Like all good dreams, Zack’s doesn’t come easy, with a drill Sergeant Foley, keen to break down Zack’s swagger. To make things more complicated, whilst training, Zack falls for a local girl Paula Pokrifki. But it isn’t until a tragedy with his fellow candidate occurs, that Zack realises what really matters, and understands the importance of love and friendship, allowing him to become both an Officer and a Gentleman.

The staging of the Mayflower once again doesn’t disappoint, with a variety of impressive set changes capturing the essence of the retro decade. The cast is equally impressive, featuring a range of West End talent recreating all our much loved 80’s favourites Don’t Cry Out Loud, You’re the Voice and of course Up Where We Belong.

Stand out performances come from four-time Laurence Olivier Award-nominee Emma Williams who plays Paula and Jonny Fines as Richard Gere’s character Zack.
Equally strong performances are delivered by Olivier nominee Ian McIntosh, playing Sid and Over the Rainbow finalist, Jessica Daley.

An Officer and a Gentleman runs until Saturday 5/05 Click here to buy tickets

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