Back to Southampton on a successful second tour, last night saw the return of the heart wrenching War Horse.

Based on Michael Morpurgo’s children’s book, War Horse tells the story of a boy, Albert and his horse, Joey caught up in the First World War.

With amazing sets, costumes and acting, this emotion filled play transports audiences back in time to war time Britain, recreating the drama that occurred both on the home front and the trenches.

Staying true to Morpugo’s original book, the audience experience Joey’s emotions and journey through the war via those of the humans.

All the actors in the company deliver fantastic performances, however the stars of the show have to be the Handspring Puppet Company’s incredible puppets, for Joey, his fellow horse friend Topthorn and a loveable goose. Breathing, snorting and shaking, you forget almost instantly that there are teams people that are there operating them.

Taking the leading role of Albert, Thomas Dennis beautifully captures the innocence and nativity of a boy caught up in the horror of war, reflected  in his horse Joey.

Once again, the Mayflower’s staging is truly breath taking, with a ripped page from a note book represented by the cinematic backdrop of torn paper tracking the significant historic dates throughout the war and a dramatic sound track of battle sounds, along with moving folk songs.

Sure to bring a tear to your eye, this fantastic performance runs until Saturday 9th June.

Click here to buy tickets

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