The skinny on the latest must have tan

Summer is here (or England’s excuse for a summer!) and that can only mean one thing…tan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with a natural sun kissed glow. Instead I have the ever so lovely pale, slightly blotchy, corn beef style skin tone. Because of this a good fake tan is a must! However, while simple to write, a good fake tan can be impossible to achieve. Tango chic, streaky legs,  green arm pits, I’ve had them all in my bid to be a bronzed beauty. So, when I heard about a new tan on the market, Skinny Tan, I knew I had to give it a go.

Who is Skinny Tan?

The brand began when founders Kate and Louise had enough of orange smelly tans so decided to pitch to BBC’s Dragon’s Den, a new product that would solve their issues with tanning. Kate and Louise were keen to ensure the Skinny Tan colour had to be indistinguishable from a real tan.  And as Louise (like me and so many others)  was not good at applying tan Skinny Tan it had to be fool-proof  and streak-free without so much as a hint of orange.

However, while it would have been amazing if the ladies stopped there, they went a step further when developing Skinny Tan because as a new mum, Louise was very conscious of the number of harsh chemicals she felt were used in everyday life.  She therefore wanted the ‘Skinny’ in Skinny tan to be represented by a skin kind ‘skinny’ ingredients list with as far as possible more naturally derived ingredients with some Skinny Tan products being made from as much as 99% naturally derived ingredients.  The ladies were also passionate that Skinny Tan would have to be paraben-free, sulfate-free not tested on animals and suitable for Vegans.   The result? A range of natural, guilt free tanning products.

The review

Express Mousse 1 hour tan 150ml

Ever impatient, I decided to put the Express Mousse 1 hour tan to the test. Using both the Dual Tanning Mitt and Mini Mitt for those smaller areas, applying the tan couldn’t have been simpler.

Dual Tanning MittMini Mitt

I simply applied the mousse to my body, left one hour and boom a lovely tan. I only left the tan for an hour but if you want a darker tone you can leave it for longer (just don’t forget to take it off because you could have an  ‘8 Ross from Friends” style tan on your hands. As well as going on easily the tan had a gorgeous coconut smell – really adding to the holiday vibes!

Gradual Mousse 150ml

Second on my review list was the Gradual Mousse. Again, made with 95% naturally derived ingredients this whipped coconut moisturising body mousse has been created with just enough natural dha to give you a glow that you can build gradually to your preferred level. This was great for an everyday tan, when you don’t necessarily want to look like you’re back from the Bahamas but at the same time you don’t want to merge into the whiteboard. Like the express mouse it was super easy to apply and there wasn’t a streak in sight.


Shop the products I used –

Express Mousse 1 hour tan

£29.99 GBP

Dual Tanning Mitt

£5.99 GBP

Mini Mitt

£2.99 GBP

Gradual Mousse 150ml

£19.99 GBP




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