The story of Brandon

So, this is a story about how a very special person, named Brandon Samuel Faulkner came into the world…

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The tale begins in the 1980s, with two very important people. One called Lauren and one called Sam. Lauren lived in a quaint place known as Lovedean and loved nothing more than drawing, dogs and reading her weekly dinosaur magazine. Sam meanwhile grew up in the bright lights of Essex and had lots of fun with football, fighting his brothers and funnily enough, reading his weekly dinosaur magazine.

As the pair enjoyed their different past times, growing into the people we know today, they had no idea each other existed… this was until the time came for them to begin their journey into adulthood and start their studies at the University of Portsmouth.

It wasn’t in a lecture hall where their paths were to cross though, but a little tavern called The Registry. Here, with a little assistance of the establishment’s ‘pound a pints’ and Lauren’s slightly intoxicated friend, Laura Nineham, Lauren and Sam met and their love story began.

However, there were still a few chapters to come for the pair, until we got to the arrival of our beloved Brandon, including –

The university years

Filled with subways, Students’ Union fancy dress and some studying here and there, Sam went from halls to some slightly questionable student houses with Lauren by his side. The pair both finished with degrees and a lot of drunken stories.

The age of commuting

A time when each week, Sam would embark on the treacherous three hour train journey from Essex to Lovedean, just so he could spend some special time with his beloved Lauren.

The house of Guildford

When Sam worked in Guildford and lived with a house of firery females, dealing with everything from domestic disputes to REALLY unlucky rats.

Putting a ring on it

With the passing of the chapters, the couple’s love only grew and finally, on a fabulous trip to Florence, Sam could wait no more and asked Lauren to be his wife.

As Lauren and Sam then got set for the next step in their story as a married couple, their happily ever after, truly began with the discovery they were going to be parents.

Nine months and a lot of baby growing later, bang on time, Brandon arrived in the world.

Now he’s finally here, Brandon brings much joy and laughter to everyone around him, particularly to his grandparents, great grandparents, all his aunties and uncles, his great aunties and uncles, his surrogate aunties and uncles (including Biba, Dobby and Claudius) not to mention all his followers on Instagram! But most of all to his proud parents, Lauren and Sam.

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