To ‘gel’ and back

So, like most girls (and some guys) I’ve experienced the wonders of gel nails. With no chips, smudges, they are the answer to your nail prayers. However, unfortunately like many girls I have also become lazy with my nail maintenance…Instead of getting the recommended regular infills or removing them using a nail friendly methods, I have been guilty of picking my gel nails off as they begin to peel. As a result, not only did the health of my nails suffer but they looked awful!

While it may be satisfying to pick your nails off, when you peel off a gel manicure, you’re not just peeling off the polish. You’re peeling off the top few layers of the nails themselves. This can lead to cracking, brittle nails that, especially with repeated peeling, weaken over time. This causes irregular surfaces and textures on your nails, making them very dry and flaky. If like me you’re a serial peeler, you may have to take an extended break from manicures until your tips recover completely from the trauma.

Thankfully, just before my nails were in a beyond recoverable condition I paid a visit to the specialists at The Nail Boutique. With nearly two decades of nail experience, their specialist tech team knew just what to do to recover my nails.

Firstly, to remove what was left of my chipped nails, they soaked my nails in acetone using cotton pads and wrapping them in foils. They then carefully filed the remaining polish off, shaped my nails and removed my horrible cuticles.

To create a good strong base and to try and rectify the damage I’d done to my poor nails, they then applied an IBX – Natural nail strengthener. This intense treatment both acts as a protective shield under gel polish, as well as targeting natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long. To further strengthen my nails and increase the durability, a gel builder was applied.

Base and foundation done, it was time for the fun part…the colours! Offering a rainbow of nail colours, the Nail Boutique honestly had something for every taste. Wanting something dark to go with the winter season, I opted for a beautiful Cadbury purple with a glittery purple called ‘Coco’ for my ring finger. However, the fun didn’t stop there as I was then not only offered a choice of foils but nail art.

I’m personally a believer of more is more, so I went for a silver foil on my middle finger with spot details on the rest of my nails. But, if you prefer a more subtle look I’d suggest maybe just going for nail art OR foils OR different colour on your ring finger.

Once complete, I was advised to maintain my nails that I should regularly apply cuticle oil but most importantly not to peel my new healthy nails.

About The Nail Boutique

The Nail Boutique are a purpose-built modern nail bar based in Hilsea, Portsmouth – just a few moments away from the M27. They pride themselves on being innovative and creative and believe in staying on top of our trade by constantly training and trying exciting new styles and products.

Full prices can be found here

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