Ring a ding ding – the latest nail trend

For centuries, wearing jewellery on our third finger is how we conventionally communicate our love status…so why not use colors?

This new “Ring finger nail polish”, or “Accent Nail Manicure”, is the newest nail-trend born in America and has also recently landed in Europe.

It’s pretty simple, it’s done by painting the ring finger nail with a different nuance than other fingers. Contrasting colors, different chromatic prints, patterns and glitter. The nice thing about this game is that you can choose any color to underline your status, and show off your creativity.

The new trends comes directly from the Vivien Westwood runways and Leighton Denny, number one expert in the nail field, invented it.

Some say this new way to colour nails is above all a way to send a message to guys stating: “I’m free”. But come on, let’s be honest we all know if a guy notices your nails it is kind of a miracle and we really do our nails for other girls… that being said it is certain is that the “ring finger nail polish” trend is become increasingly popular.

With everyone, from single ladies to those in a relationship.

For my ring finger nail polish manicure, I visited Portsmouth’s Unwind Health and Beauty, where I went for a rose colour manicure and gold glitter ring finger detail.

For more information on Unwind Health and Beauty Click here

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