Facial reflexology from feet to face

When it comes to reflexology, the majority of us tend to think feet. Traditionally the ancient healing practise sees pressure applied to reflex points in the feet that correspond with the body’s organs and glands, and it has been credited with many healing benefits, including fighting off signs of depression, improving blood circulation and reducing stress.

However, now, our attention is being turned towards facial reflexology, a unique new non-invasive therapy, where a practitioner applies light, upwards stroking movements towards the hairline. Pressure is then applied to various points of the face that stimulate other areas of the body. The side of the nose, for instance, encourages healing and health in the lungs, whilst the ears reflex points promote wellbeing in the kidneys.

A key factor and appeal of the treatment is the impact it has on improving sleep quality, but it also helps with promoting healing and removing toxins from the body, meaning facial reflexology boasts a wealth of beauty benefits. The motion of the movement helps to work the facial muscles and release muscular tension, resulting in a younger, radiant glow and firmer, plumper skin.

Pure Sun, Qualified Reflexologist, Iwona Karminska explains:

“My clients have seen a range of benefits after just one or two sessions. From Police officers with knee injuries to women with fertility issues.

The treatment helps to strengthen layers of the skin tissue and improve skin tone, making possible benefits such as tightening drooping jowls and sagging eyelids, smoothing and softening frown lines and diminishing the effects of the years. Over a series of sessions there may be a reduction in lines and wrinkles.”

After treatments Iwona recommends drinking plenty of water and avoiding any alcohol or fizzy drinks to get the best benefits from the treatment.

For more information about Facial Refloxlogy and other treatments at Pure Sun click here

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