A “tail” of two dogs

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived a not so little dog called Ted…Like most dogs, Ted loved walks, balls and lots of sausages!

But,unlike, most dogs, Ted wasn’t wasn’t petite like a poodle or dainty like a Dalmatian. Instead, with his great big paws and massive mouth, he was much more like a grizzly bear. And, because he looked like a bear, other dogs thought he’d act like a bear…and this made them really quite scared.

So, everyday, when Ted would go out for his daily walks, he’d see the other dogs, desperate for someone to invite him to play… but instead they’d bark, growl and tell him to go away.

That was until one day, when on one special walk, Ted met a very special (very little) dog called Biba. Walking around the park, dragging his big bear paws, with his face to the ground, Biba saw Ted and asked him what was wrong.

“All, I want is a friend to play with but everyone is scared of me because I’m so big.” Ted whimpered.

“I’ll play with you.” Biba barked, “Everybody always thinks I’m a baby because I’m so small, but I love to play!”

And from then on Biba and Ted played together everyday and were never happier…proving when it comes to friendship (and dogs) size really doesn’t matter.

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