What to do in a Coronavirus queue…

So, I’m stuck in possibly the longest Corona queue ever as I wait to get my prescription in ASDA. I’m kind of cold, because stupidly I’m wearing my cute little leather jacket instead of my sensible coat and my feet are already hurting from the heels on my boots….however, while it would be tempting to get slightly annoyed, frustrated or just a bit bored in a situation like this, I’ve decided to use this opportunity to write a little blog about a few of the nice things about Coronavirus-note when I say “nice things about Coronavirus” I mean this whole crazy quarantine situation, not the deathly disease!

I’ll start with the obvious cheesy one, but since I’ve been working from home in our own little pop up Burnett Offices, I’ve had so much more time with my lovely fiancé Stuart. Now, don’t get me wrong after a few more weeks of this I’m sure we will be tearing each other’s hair out ( there’s already been arguments about the limited choc ice supply) but so far having the quality time, cosy night ins and being away from all the distractions in our own little sanctuary has been lovely. I’m so grateful that I’ve got my soul mate to go through this with and I can’t wait to tell our grandchildren about this crazy time we went through together.

Right, now that you’ve all filled up your sick buckets, I’ll move away from the love fest and I’ll talk about another a big positive, not just for me but for Portsmouth, Hampshire and society pretty much in general. Me not driving!
If you read my last blog you’ll know driving isn’t exactly my strongest talent. Despite this, in life Pre Corona, my usual commute usually ended up being a three hour round trip. Stressful for other drivers and very tiring for me. I’ve noticed already I’ve got so much more energy, Stu sleeps a lot better knowing I’m not on the roads and I’m pretty sure I’ve added a good few years to my car Aytonya’s life span!

In at number three I want to talk about creativity! So, with all this extra time on my hands being locked up in doors I’ve had a chance to get creative and start some hobbies. True, the results of my drawing and baking has been questionable. I have no idea if anyone is reading my ramblings I’m writing here. But either way I’m enjoying doing them and I’ve got a fair bit of time to improve anyway.

On to number four, I want to talk about who’s next door…more specifically your neighbours. Last night, like most the country we did the community NHS clap thing, where we stepped outside our front door and clapped our hands as a mark of respect to all the NHS workers. Now, this in itself was quite emotional. Before that we’d only ever really spoken to our next door neighbours, so seeing everyone together (at the safe 2m distance of course) was wonderful. However, after that something even more lovely happened when I got a reply to the instastory I’d posted from the neighbour across the road. We’d never spoken before but she said she’d been watching my instastories and after this craziness she’d love to meet for dinner. We ended up messaging most the eve and two people that probably would at most smile and politely wave, realised had they had loads in common and became friends.

Okay, so finally getting to the end of the queue so better wrap this rambling up! I guess the thing I’ve liked the most about this weird experience so far is how grateful it has made me for everything. Whether that is how lucky I am that I’ve got Stu to drive crazy in lockdown, or that I’m in a nice warm cosy house with things to keep me busy, or even that there are so many nice people around who want to connect and get through this together.

With that I’m at the end of the queue and this blog.

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