Great indoor dating ideas

c3291210-93c6-4bc9-b1c7-412cbc7d2f4fWe all love the great outdoors, however, have you ever considered the great indoors for your date?  Whether you’re a bit low on funds, a bit under the weather or just fancy something a bit different, there are loads of fun options available right on your doorstep.

Here we explore just a few…

Indoor activities, whatever the weather

So, you’re all set for your romantic date and the weather takes a turn for the worst, what do you do?

Indoor Camping – Set up a tent in the living room. You can bring sleeping bags as well. Use the time to relax and talk, or watch a movie.

Have a Picnic – throw a blanket on the floor and set out your favourite foods. If you have a nice view put it by the window and watch the sunset or if you have a fire cosy up together near there.

Themed Dinner and a Movie – Instead of just having dinner and watching a movie, you can turn it into a themed night where the dinner and movie tie in together. Alternatively, you could make an international dinner and watch a movie set in that country. Or make a meal based on a scene from a movie.

Get Creative – we all know the famous scene from Ghost where they do a pottery class together, well if you don’t have clay to hand, why not try painting together, baking or anything that you find fun.

Karaoke – they say love is blind, well it’s sort of deaf too! So, turn up your favourite songs and have a karaoke party for just the two of you. If you’d like, you can pick up a home karaoke system without breaking the bank, but you can also just sing to the music without a mic.

Trust building activities for better communication

Having a date at home just the two of you together, away from distractions, is a great opportunity to really build trust and improve your communication. Here are some activities that will really test it!

Let Your Partner Go through Your Phone – Social media and technology can be major sources of trust issues for couples today. So allowing your partner to have access to your phone and social media is a great way for couples to build trust.

Give Your Partner a Small Random Task to Complete– You need to be 100% sure that you can trust your partner with both the big and the small things. If your partner violated your trust and is looking to earn it back, a great way to do this is to start small.

Take Turns Planning Date Nights- Part of having trust is giving up control. If you’re used to planning your dates nights from where to eat to what you do after, give your partner a chance to plan the next one.

Create a Vision Board Together- This is really fun and perfect to do at home. All you have to do is go through some magazines and cut out words, phrases, and images of what you want the future of your relationship to look like.

Talk about Your Fears– It’s important to sit down and talk about what you may be afraid of without shame so you can leave that in the past and move forward. It also gives your partner a chance to show they can comfort you.

Cool activities for couples

Staying in doesn’t have to mean dull and going to bed early. You can still be fun and get creative with your dates. These dates are perfect for couples who like to do something a little alternative.

DIY Photo Booth- One for the Insta-addicts, here you create your own photo book with fun props for an entertaining and memorable evening. You can use a tripod and put your camera on a timer to take photos of yourselves. If you don’t have a tripod you can simply use something flat and stable to steady the camera.

Bonfire- Really romantic and really fun, having a bonfire in your garden is great for roasting marshmallows, singing songs, telling stories and just having relaxing drinks around.

Plan your dream holiday – Use the time at home to plan an upcoming holiday. Research some different things to do wherever you’ll be traveling, and find some options that look fun. If you’re feeling creative start a mood board with all the places you want to go.

Make a Bucket List – Your bucket list of things you want to do in your lifetime will probably include travel, so there is some crossover with the previous point, but there will also be plenty of other things that you want to do aside from travel. This can be a great activity to get to know each other, or if you already know each other very well, it can be a great way to set some goals of things that you want to do.

Take a Personality Test or Love Languages Test- Taking a test may not sound like a lot of fun, but how about the type of test that you can’t fail? There are many different personality tests that you can take online or you can even come up with a list of questions for each other that you both have to answer.

Quality not quantity activities for couples

In our 100 mph lifestyles we rarely share quality time with anyone, particularly our partners. These activities are designed to give you some of that quality time and remind you of just how special they are.

Have a stay-in-bed day Taking inspiration from John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the rules for this one are very simple.  Don’t get out of bed, except to make the other person breakfast, lunch or dinner. This works best if you can do No. 2 at the same time. Perfect for a wet, winter’s day.

Binge-watch an entire season of a show together. Enough said. Or if you’re feeling slightly more cultured why not watch all the classic movies on IMDB or the most critically acclaimed…feeling less cultured just watch a whole load of Disney.

Share your favourite teenage music on Youtube – one for nostalgia lovers, this activity evokes memories and is a great way springboard a conversation about each other’s childhoods that you may not have had for a long time.

Other great ideas to get the memories and conversation going is to dig out the old photos and home videos. Or if you’re feeling lazy, just look back on your Facebook timeline.

Once, you’ve found all the photos, another quality couple activity is to create a photobook

Do a jigsaw puzzle or play a board game for two- this is perfect, as long as you’re not too competitive. Also, be mindful if you pick a puzzle, stick to around 500 pieces. You want a date night, not a month-long odyssey!

Have a Phone-Free Dinner – if you count the amount of times you look at your phone during a meal let alone an evening with your partner you will be shocked .Enjoy a quality meal away from technology by leaving your phone in the other room. You could build up to making this a phone-free day – just make sure you let people know you will be out of reach!

 Create a one-day book club- Pick a book to snuggle up with and read together, then talk about it. OK, maybe a short story if you’re not a fast reader.

Look at the Stars –On a clear night, you can sit or lay outside together and watch the stars. There’s not much that is more relaxing. Of course, the further you live from a city, the better this will be because of light pollution.

 Stay at home spa day- spa days are great but they can be expensive! Recreate this at home by donning your robes, lighting some scented candles and taking it in turns to do massages. You can even create your own healthy face masks with  Manuka Doctor Manuka Honey

  • The recipe is very simple, mix one tbsp raw Manuka honey with three drops of fresh lemon juice and 1tbsp brown sugar. Gently rub onto skin and leave for five minutes before rinsing off.

 Just have sex! – If I have to explain this one then we really have problems but it’s really the best, simplest indoor activity of them all.

So, now when you think indoor dating, don’t think dull, boring and dread the cabin fever, embrace the creativity, enjoy the new sense of intimacy with your partner and most of all celebrate not having to get your hair wet – unless you want to!

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  1. 🤣🤣I like the bed one – what about going to the loo?!! I think if you did all these you’d end up killing each other but well done for soooo many ideas, I don’t know how you think them up. Xxxx

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