New normal – life after Corona

So, the word “normal” unsurprisingly, isn’t a word that I “normally” use to describe my life. However, over the last few weeks, particularly since the most recent government announcement, you can’t seem to escape the term “new normal.”

And I guess since Boris Johnson made his address on Sunday, things have started to feel just a bit like what I remember life was like Pre corona. Starting with our wedding…up until the announcement Stuart and I had felt like we’d been in a sort of wedding limbo. Unsure whether or not it would actually happen in July, we couldn’t really get excited about the wedding any more and the closer the day got, the more we realised it wasn’t going to be how we planned.

So, on Sunday, when we got a “slightly” clearer outlook on what the plans were with businesses, we finally made the decision to postpone. Instantly, we felt like a big weight had been lifted off our shoulders. For the first time in ages, we were in control with the wedding planning and I was like a “normal” excited bride to be. We know there is still a long way to go and we are definitely not out of corona woods yet but least now we feel like we are on the right path.

The second change since Sunday which has made my life feel again more “normal” is seeing my family. Now, I know this sounds silly because since lockdown I’ve spoken to my mum pretty much every day, we’ve had regular video calls, quizzes and ALOT of photos in the family WhatsApp group. However, this week I finally got to see her (at the safe 2 metre distance) in person which was absolutely amazing.

I also got to see my little nephew (well I say little, I swear in lockdown he’s grown about two feet and aged five years) this was again so lovely but this is where the annoying part of the statement comes in “new” normal. While I loved seeing my mum and nephew, my instant reaction was to go and hug them (don’t worry John Hancock I didn’t , I know he’s an avid follower of my blog) and I got a bit sad because I thought when will we be able to do things like hug our friends and relatives again?

This week I also had quite a few calls about my work and when I could be potentially going back. Again this started to make me feel a bit more “normal” and quite excited about getting my old life back again. However, then as excited as I got, I started to think about what I’d be missing from my Furlough life ( not just the lie ins, lack of traffic and looong weekends, although those are good!) but the quality time I’ve had with Stuart, the time I’ve had to write, learn and just pretty much slow down – was I ready to give that up?

Luckily, the more I thought, the more I realised this “new normal” like any change won’t necessarily be easy but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be bad. True, I can’t hug my relatives now or maybe next week, but at least my relatives are healthy and I can see them and I’m so grateful that we are going through this crazy time together.

Similarly with work, I know when the time of long lie ins does end, it will be hard to start, but I also know, I’ll be gaining so much more seeing my old work family, who no doubt will be going through the same feelings. I know that I am a much stronger person to deal with everything life can throw at me, thanks to all the stuff I’ve learned from this fun Furlough experience. Plus now that me and Stu know that we can get through a pandemic together, how hard can a lifetime of marriage be?

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