Farewell to furlough

So, round about three months ago (13 weeks to be precise) I wrote a blog about me starting a new journey into Furlough life and the different fears I had. How would I cope without working? Would I get bored? Would I lose my identity? Would I drive Stu insane?!

Well, this week that journey finally came to an end and it turns out Furlough wasn’t too scary after all…I probably did drive Stu insane at points but we can’t really blame Furlough for that.

At the beginning of my Furlough, structure was extremely important to me and ensuring that as much of my day was planned as possible. This meant that in those first few weeks I was uber productive, getting through countless LinkedIn learning courses, meditation apps, writing, home workouts and ALOT of baking.

I guess this was so my day reflected a working day as much as possible. However, as the weeks past and the lockdown restrictions began to ease, so did my need to fill every moment of the day with “productive “ things. I started to realise that little things like going for a walk with my sister or having the time to actually watch and enjoy a boxset without guilt, were just as beneficial uses of my Furlough as getting another LinkedIn certificate or completing another sit-up challenge….thankfully for Stu, even in my less productive state, the amount of baking never decreased.

The only downside of getting used to the Furlough things in life, was like all good things, I knew it was going to come to an end. It was ridiculous because pre Furlough, I loved my job but as the date of my return got ever closer, my fear got bigger.

In the same way before going furlough, I started to doubt myself. Would I be able to do my job? How would I cope with a routine? Would I still be able to bake? Would I drive Stu insane?!

Thankfully, after completing my first few days at work, I’ve realised my fears were again unfounded… I love my job just as much as my remember, I’ve made a cake and if anything Stu’s sanity has improved slightly with me being out of the house more!

I’m not going to lie, the day before felt just like going back to school after summer holidays. In the same way my mum would get me set with my new school uniform and shoes, Stu had treated me to a new outfit, got my car serviced to make sure it was safe and even bought me a special packed lunch to take.

As the day went on, Stu could tell I was getting more nervous, so we went for a nice walk around our local pond (despite the rain) and when I got back he gave me a card. In the card it said while a lot of things might have changed over the past few months, the one thing that hasn’t changed is you and to remember that when I have doubts about my job because I’m still the amazing PR person as before.

The next day, I discovered from the moment my alarm went off and set off for my usual pre work run, I hadn’t changed in the three month break, I could do this.

As I got back into the swing of the working day, and saw my favourite familiar faces (albeit partially covered with a mask) I remembered why I loved my job and that I haven’t lost anything now Furlough has ended…instead i’ve just gained three months of great experiences and hopefully some lessons I’ll remember for a lifetime.

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