Guilty pleasures

This week I got thinking about guilt.

So, during in lockdown like most of the population I had to give up certain luxuries. Weekly Costa trips turned into Lidl’s flavoured coffee in my conservatory, my gel nails chipped away and a new bottle of root retouch was as close as I got to hair salon appointment.

However, to my surprise as the weeks passed, I really didn’t miss these things that were once part of my everyday routine. Instead, I embraced the “natural” look and just got more creative with what I could do at home… that was until I got my first taste of the beauty treatment bug round about a month ago.

Anyone that knows me, will know that I have an addictive personality (previous addictions have included crosstich, peanut butter, Sudoku, Coca Cola – always have to be careful how I phrase that one! ) Currently, I’m addicted to the relatively safe act of entering competitions. As a result of said addiction, I won some free eyelash extensions, something that I “thought” during lockdown I could live without and was an unnecessary extravagance at £50 for something that lasts for three weeks max.

Anyway, this was a prize so I thought there was no harm in going to claim it (apart from the questionable health standards of the person who distributed the lashes, as you will note from the dates of this blog they were issued before it was technically legal to do lashes but that’s another issue!) As I stepped into the salon and got set for my treatment I instantly remembered how much I love getting pampered. Laying back, I had the standard lash extension nap and awoke with beautiful lush lashes.

With a taste of my old Pre-lockdown life, I figured as I had saved all this money on the free lashes (Alana money logic) it was only fair I treat myself to an overpriced Iced Costa in the park. Drinking the coffee I got a caffeine hit nothing like that I’d had from the instant coffee at home and wanted more.

One month on, as a result of the uncharacteristic hot weather we’ve been experiencing, I have to confess, I’ve had three more iced coffees from different overpriced coffee shops. I have also booked myself in for another eyelash extension appointment. And while I’ve enjoyed each of the coffees and I am beyond excited about having nice lashes again, I feel guilty that I need/want these luxuries again.

I don’t know why because I’m lucky enough that at the moment (fingers crossed) Stuart and I are in a place where we can afford to spend money on things that bring us happiness, like eyelash extensions and overpriced Pompey gnomes. I also know that if anything meant we couldn’t afford them we’d be totally fine to give them up too.

I suppose it’s just because we all have built in us that we should feel guilty about certain things that bring us pleasure. Whether that’s listening to the Gemma Collins Podcast, watching the Real-housewives of Beverley Hills or buying almost your entire wardrobe from – talking for a friend!

But at the end of the day, if you’re not hurting anyone, causing any trouble and it makes you happy, I think we should forget about the guilty and just on the pleasure.

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