Finding some light through the Corona tunnel

So, about six months ago, round about the same time as this Corona craziness started to kick off, I wrote a little blog about the “little” things I was feeling positive about to help get me through.

Well, nearly half a year on, with nearly half the country in another lockdown, I’m feeling the need to write another blog about some more “little” things I’m feeling positive about….starting with the simple fact we made it to autumn!

Now, this is positive for me for two reasons. Firstly, the obvious is because despite all the chaos, lockdowns, lack of social contact and that deadly disease, we’ve made it through these hard months. True, we all wished (and expected) the world would be a lot more normal by now, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t shown how great and strong we are for getting this far.

Secondly, on a slightly lighter note, Corona or no Corona, I can’t help but be positive at this time of year, quite simply because I LOVE autumn! Even with the madness, we can still go for walks and see the beautiful changing colours. We can still enjoy the novelty of changing into our cosy jumpers, comfy boots and FINALLY swap tiresome fake tanning, for the much easier and more flattering thick black tights!

In addition to the season change, I’m also happy about the little changes there has been throughout the last few months. Now don’t get me wrong, this time last year I would have said you were crazy if you told me that in October 2020, you’ll have to be in by 10pm, where a mask when you go out and if you want to meet up with more than six people you could get yourself in some v big trouble.

However, when I think back to the summer, when we could only leave the house once a day, the only contact I had with my mum was through disjointed video chats and phone calls and my roots were down to my ears, I’m sooooo grateful for everything I’ve got now. Even with all the craziness, I can still see my friends and family (six at a time), I can still go to work and I can still get my regular hair and beauty appointments (thank God!)

So, while the world is definitely crazy at the moment and none of us know what the future holds, for now at least I think if we focus on the little things and the day by day, then hopefully the big things will sort themselves out and Coronavirus will go away 🤞

4 thoughts on “Finding some light through the Corona tunnel

  1. Great Blog ALANA and best wishes to you and Stew. You are talking so POSITIVE and remember that you need to talk the talk and walk the walk. I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING, AS I AM SURE YOU HAVE AS WELL, all the pictures from Cornwall. IT,s clear that they have had a well-earned rest and detox their heads. I envy them being able to get to a place that in younger days as a family we went to Cornwall 8 years on the trot and also worked down there when I was National Field Sales Manager @ Chemist Brokers. Stay Safe LOVE PAUL.

    1. Thank you Paul! So glad you liked the blog. Yes, loved my parents’ photos, looking forward to catching up with them when they are back. Hope you’re keeping well 😊 lots of love from me and Stu x

  2. Another great Blog Alana and although you did have a bit of a rough time in your twenties being a Hebbo. you like your Sister’s you all have the tenacious Gene in you and you battled your demons which have enhanced your attitude for the love of life and meeting Stu was the Cherry on the cake. We are both Geminis so we can be a bit awkward sometimes but having an argument with your Partner means the best part is making up and becoming friends again. Love to all the Family and have a nice weekend.Love Paul.x

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