It takes two

So, round about two years ago quite a life changing thing happened to me… on the 17.11.18 my lovely boyfriend Stuart asked me to marry him and became my fiancé.

Since then, there has been quite a few more life changes with flats being sold, new homes…unfortunately thanks to that pesky pandemic, there’s still been no wedding life changes yet, but the less said about that the better.

Anyways, this week I’ve been hearing lots about inspiration boards and getting what you gravitate towards. I’ve always, been a big fan of positive thinking and the book the Secret, so with this in mind I thought I’d write an inspiration blog of what life changes I want to occur in the next two years.

Best case scenario, I look back at this blog in two years and realise I’ve fulfilled all my inspirations. Worst case scenario, I look back in two years and none have been achieved but at least I’ve had fun writing them down for twenty minutes or so now…


Okay, so like I said the last two years have been pretty good on a relationship front. When Stu proposed on that dark November night in Old Portsmouth and I excitedly accepted chattering my freezing teeth away…to me that was us making our promise to be together forever. The wedding was always in my eyes just a way for us to celebrate that decision with our friends and family. So “hopefully” in two years time we will have been able to have that celebration in some form. Whether that’s with 15, 30 or just Biba pretending to be a minister. Either way, my main hope is that in two years, our relationship will have continued to grow as we continue to discover more things we love about each other and learn from the disagreements we might have.


Now, while Stu and I can often act quite immature, from Stu’s chicken nugget dinners to my inability to iron a tea towel, I’d like to think that in two years time, our family of two will have grown. From close experience, I know that not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with a baby. However, even if this the case for us, I hope we are caring and nurturing for someone or even something in someway. Whether this be through adoption, fostering or even a dog!


If anyone was to look at the many (many) posts I do on Instagram they’d probably think I was a pretty confident person. However, like many girls (and boys) in my twenties I suffered quite a lot with low body confidence which led to a few not so good life choices. Thankfully now I’m in my thirties, I’m in a much better place and, at the risk of sound of narcissistic, I have finally started to love myself. Like everyone, I still have good and bad days, but I hope in the next two years I continue with the good and remember that true confidence comes from the happiness within.


Throughout my adult life I’ve had quite a few jobs, some with good experiences, some with not so good experiences…all of which have been essential in my journey to my current job, which I love! In the next two years, similar to my relationship, I hope my role will continue to develop, I’ll carry on learning and meeting more amazing people….and I hope that I won’t be on furlough!

I’m not sure if this is really the Pinterest definition of an inspiration board but hopefully these ramblings will bring me one step closer to a happy future, if not they’ve at least made me very grateful for my lovely present.

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