A lovely Valentine’s Day

So, yesterday was Valentine’s Day and like most events and holidays over the last year it was slightly different to normal. However, I can honestly say it was my favourite one ever.

Anyone that has read my blog before will know that thanks to a slightly disastrous dating history, I’ve had a fair few Valentine’s Days as a singleton. Now, don’t get me wrong, overall I was very happy when I was single, I still had an amazing family, I had soulmates with my wonderful friends and I enjoyed my independence with my pink palace flat. But even with this, Valentine’s Day was always that little reminder of what you don’t have. I hated myself for feeling slightly bad because like I said I had so much so I felt silly for focusing on the one thing I didn’t have.

Anyway, again if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that three years ago one not so disastrous date resulted in me meeting the love of my life, Stuart. Now of course all my Valentine’s with Stuart have been special. The first where despite having a phobia of raw fish he took me for sushi, treated me to a big bunch of flowers at work and asked me to “officially be his girlfriend. The second, when we were in Lanzarote and had a lovely meal overlooking the ocean. And last year when went to the cinema (God what i’d give to do that now!) and had a curry (you can tell we were more comfortable in our relationship by this point!)

But yesterday was the best because I just spent the day feeling grateful for all the lovely things I’ve got, despite the mad world we are living in at the moment. The day started with a long lie in- lie ins are without a doubt one of my favourite things to come out of lockdown. Before, I would be lucky if I could sleep in past 7am, but for some reason, with the slower pace of life I sleep so much better.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed I did some hoovering…okay definitely not your typical romantic start to the day but again, since lockdown I’ve actually really started enjoying cleaning… bear with me. Hoovering the lounge, I was so grateful for my lovely house and the home Stu and I had made.

Stu then woke up and went for a grey drizzly walk. Again, not the most glamorous of events, but when I felt cold Stu gave me his gloves and held my hands the whole way round. Just a little thing, but the fact that whenever we go for a walk, I know Stu is there to hold my hand, make me warm and proud to have me as his fiancée makes me feel so special. Sorry if you’re puking at this point.

We had a little reality check when our walk turned into a trip to B & Q – aka the most boring place in the world. Unfortunately for me this is Stu’s favourite place on earth and he can happily spend HOURS staring at the different sandpapers whilst I slowly lose the will to live. However, again randomly when we eventually left, I did think how grateful I was to now have a fiancé that wanted to do so much DIY to make our home lovely.

When we got home I had lots of fun making our roast dinner (one of the few meals I can cook) and laying a Valentine’s themed table ( we had red candles instead of our normal white.) Eating our dinner we were good and had no phones, using the time to actually speak. I asked Stu my standard Ali questions like “what would you love to do tomorrow” and “what are you loving right now?” And Stu typically had answers to keep me entertained.

After dinner I enjoyed washing up listening to my new favourite podcasts before indulging in some meditation, leaving me feeling totally zen.

The day was completed by watching the classic Pretty Woman enjoying hilarious WhatsApps from the brilliant Ben.

So, while this year has definitely had its highs and definite lows!!! Thanks to all the craziness, this Valentine’s Day I was able to celebrate and truly appreciate what Valentine’s is really about, not lovely flowers, jewellery and chocolate, but all the things that make my life lovely everyday.

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