What a difference a year makes

So, apparently this week last year was our last “normal” week before everything went COVID-19 crazy.

This in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look back at what I was up to this time last year and how different my life was. Thankfully, as someone who literally documents every moment of their life on social media, this wasn’t too hard.

The first thing I saw from looking at my March 2020 instastories was that I went to the gym four times in one week. Back then, I really enjoyed working out with a group of people who helped motivate me to push myself further than I could alone.

However, when the gyms closed and we were told we could only leave the house once a day, I was forced to get more creative with my exercise. Turning to YouTube, I found a whole new world of exercise videos that I would have never of considered before, giving my exercise routine a whole new lease of life.

But, even with the YouTube videos I did still miss exercising with other people and this is when me and Stu started running together. Without my long commute we now had time to go for evening runs together which, when we got over the competitiveness, were more fun and motivated us both to exercise more.

The second thing I noticed about my March 2020 instastories, was the amount of times I went to beauty salons (on the 7.03.20 I went to three in one day!) Now, unlike the gyms this is definitely a part of my old life I desperately want back. It might be a bit superficial and it might be a bit extravagant but going to beauty salons, whether it’s for nails, lashes or massages, definitely makes me feel a lot better! And while I might not go quite as much as I used to, this lockdown has taught me to really appreciate the beauty treatments I do get and just how lucky I am to have those indulgences.

The third thing I noticed was that on the 7.03.20 I went out to dinner with Stu, his parents and my parents – no masks, no restrictions on households and no curfew! Before lockdown, Stu and I went out for dinner at least once a week and the thought of not getting dressed up on a Saturday evening was beyond alien to me. I

So, when this freedom got taken away, particularly in the first lockdown, I really struggled. Weekends and weekdays all merged into one and it felt like there was nothing to look forward to.

However, as the weeks past and I got used to the slower pace of life, I started to find I was so much more relaxed and began to enjoy not having the pressure to go out every weekend. This said, I am beyond excited about the first meal I can go for with my parents and sisters and cannot wait to get dressed up for drinks with my friends again. But when lockdown does end, I will definitely not be booking my weekends up as much as I used to.

Finally, when looking back on my Instastories I saw that on 8.03.20 I had an amazing day out with my sister and nephew. We started our day with a v classy meal at spoons before going to my work where we all splashed around in the adventure pool, Sharkie’s Reef.

This day was so much fun and I’m so sad that this year we haven’t been able to celebrate Halloween with Trick or Treating, Christmas with trips to grottos or even his birthday together.

However, while we haven’t had these celebrations, thanks to my furlough, I have been able to go on so many more walks with them and experience countless fun trips to the park, showing it’s not where you go or how much money you spend, but the time you get together that counts.

So, it’s clear to see that this time last year the world was a very different place and while there were definitely hard times in the months that followed, I’m pleased to say that I’m now in a happier place than I’ve ever been before.

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