Happy Mother’s Day

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I mention my mum a lot (almost as much as I talk about Stu!)

So, on this special day, where we all celebrate our amazing mums, I’ve decided to write about why mum is my biggest inspiration.

I’ll start by talking about another common theme on my blogs, relationships. Happily married (give or take a few murder attempts) for over 35 years, my mum has always been there when I’ve needed man advice. My first memory of this was when I was 11 and broke up with my boyfriend – I use the term boyfriend loosely as our relationship consisted of meeting at break time to kiss at the back end of the playground and exchanging two maybe three words tops.

Anyway, despite our lack of intimacy, I was devastated when he decided to dump me for another girl in our class after she told him she fancied him too.

I was so sad that the thought of going back to school the next day to see him with his new girlfriend filled me with dread. It was at this point my mum told me about the Princess Diana’s “revenge dress” incident, when I think Charles had just said in this interview about his affair with Camilla. Instead of staying home feeling sorry for herself, Diana went out to a Vanity Fair party in a super hot black dress and every newspaper cover was talking about how amazing she was and look at what Charles was missing.

Now, being 11 and having to go to school, Mum didn’t advise I wear a black mini dress but she did tell me to go in with my head held high, as the best revenge is not being bothered.

I’ve held on to this advice through the many ups and downs of my love life, giving me the confidence and patience to wait for a man that loves me because I love myself.

Another big way in which my Mum has inspired me, is her bravery and determination, teaching me never to give into my fears.

From working as a DJ on a Greek cruise ship to raising a child on her own ( not to mention using the self service petrol pump!) my mum has never let her fears hold her back, giving her a life full of adventures and stories. Following her lead, today if I’m ever nervous about doing something, I always think of my mum and remember the worst that can happen is it will be a funny story ( and again if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that thanks to this attitude I have content for half my blogs!)

If you’ve seen my Mum before you’ll know she is style guru and looks a good 20 years younger than her actual age (pictures included for those who haven’t seen her) And this is another big way in which my Mum has inspired me. Whether she was on the school run with her three children under the age of six or cooking my dad a lovely meal for the weekend, my mum has never failed to be on trend with her fashionable clothes (often made by herself) and have perfect hair and makeup.

This self care has not only ensured she has aged beyond gracefully, but also maintained a beautiful pride in herself. Unfortunately, I haven’t inherited her amazing sewing skills but even if I’m just in my finest Primarni, I always take time with my clothes, hair and makeup to give me that same pride and confidence. Plus, thankfully, as she is so good at sewing, Mum is always there to make me beautiful outfits too!

I could write for years about the million other ways my mum is an inspiration but as I know she will probably be reading this thinking she has a million other things to do today (from her daily workouts to her new French lessons) I’ll leave you with a few final bits of great advice from mum-

Spelling – if you’re ever in doubt about how to spell the right stationery, remember e is for envelope and similarly, if in doubt about how to spell which compliment, remember I like compliments

Ageing – always wear sunglasses and suncream to avoid lines

Nervous- if you’re feeling nervous at a party just ask questions because everyone loves talking about themselves (I probably take this a little too far)

Cooking – key to any good meal is good ingredients and timing

Packing- wherever you’re going on holiday, if in doubt wear layers!

Compliments- if someone gives you a compliment never disagree, just thank them

Love you Mum xx

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