ReJoyceful ramblings

Today I fancied doing some writing because I haven’t done any for a while and it makes me happy. Only problem is I haven’t really got anything to write about… so, please note this might be quite rambley and boring ( as opposed to my normal “really exciting” blogs.)

So, in lieu of anything in particular to write about, I thought I’d just start writing about some things I’m feeling grateful for at the moment.

Firstly, I am very grateful that after lockdown number 3000 we are finally able to go out and meet people INDOORS. On Friday Stu and I took full advantage of this as we went to our local pub with Stu’s (and my) very good friend Rich.

Getting dressed up to go somewhere on a Friday evening that wasn’t a supermarket, our lounge or our millionth walk for the day was so exciting.

Now don’t get me wrong, our local isn’t exactly the Ritz and when I say dressed up, I basically had a new everything 5 pound outfit on. But even with that it felt so good to have that tiny bit of freedom and normality again.

This week was also the first full week I’d worked in over a year. I thought this would feel a bit strange but it only made the weekend feel better. I was so grateful to feel a bit more like Pre covid Ali again. This is because as great as my furlough journey has been, giving me all this extra time to spend with my family, work on myself and just chill, I have found it at times quite difficult.

Now, I know the idea of finding getting paid to do nothing difficult can sound confusing to many (particularly Stu!) However, as I’ve written about before, I’ve always loved my job and I hate feeling lazy. As a result, for me there was always a tinge of guilt and a need to justify myself when I was on furlough. Thankfully, now that journey is over, I can look back and be grateful I had that experience and enjoy a new found appreciation for working.

Secondly, I’d like to write about how grateful I am for Stu. Okay, I know this is definitely a bit of a broken record as anyone who has read my blog before will know he comes up a fair bit. However, just recently I decided to start watching my beloved Sex and City for possibly the millionth time. I’ve watched and loved this show so many times at different points in my life, from when I was at school and probably too young, to when I’ve been single going through my own dating dramas. I understand in many ways Sex and the City is a very unrealistic show ( working as a freelance newspaper columnist yet being able to afford a million pairs of Manolo Blanik shoes to name just one.)

Yet, seeing what it’s like to date the countless freaks, how hard it is when you’re with the wrong person and just the pain of not being “the one”, really brought back to me what life used to be like in my very tame, a lot less glamorous, Southsea version of Sex and the City.

I am so happy that just one month off my 33rd birthday (I know I’m shocked too) I am so incredibly lucky to be with someone who is there for me when I’m ill, cook me dinner after a long day at work, make me laugh when I’m sad, put up with me through a global pandemic and just generally make me feel amazing.

Okay, as you’re probably reaching for the sick bucket now, I’ll wrap this up and quickly rattle off a few other little things I’m feeling grateful for-

My health

My lovely house

My beyond amazing family

My priceless friends

My job and all the wonderful people that make it the best place to work

The Friends Reunion which despite being sceptical about I’m now very excited about

My birthday in a month which even though is a reminder I’m getting older I am still beyond excited about

That small matter of a wedding in a few months (it wouldn’t be an Ali blog if that didn’t get a mention)

My latest Everything 5 pound delivery

Anyone that is still reading and taking the time to look at my ramblings

And my life!

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