And just like that, I’m rambling again

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, but with less than a week to go until I FINALLY say I do and my little baby announcement yesterday, it seems like a good time to have a little ramble.

I’d never planned on being pregnant on my wedding day but I’d also hadn’t planned on postponing my wedding twice because of a global pandemic. Proving sometimes plans don’t exactly go to plan!

Anyway, the “original” plan had always been to start trying as soon as we got married. However, anyone that knows me will know that I’m just a little impatient. So, after our second wedding got cancelled in April I was already a year off schedule. With the ticking of my body clock getting ever louder, I started to attempt to plant the seed in Stu’s head about the possibility of trying to get pregnant a little sooner than we had originally intended.

Stu, very patient and a BIG fan of plans, wasn’t keen on this idea and said we should stick to our original deal. I’m not going to lie, at first this did annoy me a bit because like I said, being a Gemini I want everything done yesterday. But, again, like with most things I knew deep down Stu was right and it was probably best to wait…

That was until one random Friday night in May (yes I know exactly when it was) we decided to go for some drinks in the Wine Vaults. Wearing my new £2.50 rainbow top from, I was all set for a fun night. Stu obviously was too, because after a few beers, without going into too much detail he agreed to basically let nature take it’s course. Afterwards I reassured Stu nothing would have happened and it wasn’t even the right time of the month.

Fast forward a month and my period was a day late. I didn’t think too much of this because I knew it was normal to be a couple of days either way. However, when five days had passed I started to get butterflies.

On the eve of my fifth late day I went to the cinema with my sister, Lauren and casually asked what was the latest she had ever been. Lauren, having some weird psychic sister ability (literally she knows when I’m ill, sad, happy… everything) instantly knew I was pregnant and told me I should take a test.

The next day on my lunch hour she came with me to Boots and helped me pick one (we decided on a mid priced one because I didn’t feel like now was the best time to economise but at the same time, my top only cost £2.50, so spending more than £10 on a test did seem excessive.)

As soon as I got home I did the test. Waiting for the results I knew it was weird I was five days late but at the same time the thought of me actually being pregnant was absolutley insane. A few seconds in I saw the two lines appear and after a couple of minutes the results were confirmed.

Shocked, scared and excited I did what I always do and rang up Stu. Poor Stu meanwhile was having the most stressful day at work, so a call from a very frantic Ali telling him she was pregnant was probably the last thing he needed. To my surprise though he was uncharacteristically calm and just checked I was okay and told me we would do another test when he got home.

Four long hours later Stu got home and we did the second test, this time as Stu was reading the instructions and looking at the results I felt a lot more confident about the accuracy. A few seconds later the result was confirmed once again, we were pregnant.

Somehow, even more shocked, scared and excited I did the second thing I always do and rang my mum. Typical Mum, she was on a long walk with Dad climbing some random hill in the middle of nowhere. Never one to let a hike get in the way of a conversation, Mum still answered and asked if was okay. When I told her I’d taken a test today, Mum’s first response was to ask did I have covid. When I told her I didn’t have covid but instead I was pregnant I don’t think I needed the phone to hear the screams.

We then went on to tell my sisters and Stu’s parents but no one else until we were 12 weeks. Now, this was hard! Not only because I had my hen party, a wedding and a friend’s party in this time, but mainly because I am just rubbish at keeping secrets!

Luckily I didn’t have to worry too much about hiding morning sickness because thankfully I’ve felt good, if not better than I normally do (give or take a few random pukes here and there.)

Somehow though, despite my ever growing belly and inability to keep my mouth shut, we did manage to make it to the 12 week mark without telling anyone and yesterday we had our first scan.

This was more than a little stressful. Mainly because we left late, got stuck behind the bin lorry, forgot our wallets and my body then decided to make me randomly puke. Somehow, we managed to get there on time with little to no puke on me but that’s when then the stress really hit in- what if they scan and there’s something wrong with the baby or there’s no baby at all?!

Lying on the bed, the sonographer asked if we wanted her to check if everything was okay first before she turned on the screen.

To our delight, after the longest 10 seconds EVER she turned the screen on and confirmed we had a healthy “lively” baby. Finally seeing our little one kicking it’s little legs, Stu squeezed my hand and we both welled up.

Leaving the ultrasound clinic all the stresses melted away as for the first time we truly felt like parents.

Now we’ve just got a small matter of a wedding, round about 6 months of pregnancy and the true adventures begin!

4 thoughts on “And just like that, I’m rambling again

  1. Congratulations – how exciting + now have the most wonderful wedding and then all the exciting preparations for your new arrival xxxxx

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