2021, a good year

So, as we approach the end of 2021, I thought should write a little blog about what has been quite a special year.

2021 started with a bang…literally when on New Year’s Day, I fell on my run and smashed my face into the ground.

Thankfully, apart from a few bruises and the loss of any remaining dignity I had, I didn’t do too much damage. I also got to see what my lips would like if I decided to ever get fillers – as you can see, not a good look.

In February, Stu and I faired a lot better. Despite being lockdown number 3000, we enjoyed our quiet Sunday roasts, I completed my coding exams for work and we could finally meet people (albeit just for cold walks) again.

As we entered March, light was on the horizon, not only with the longer days but for our twice postponed wedding. Boris announced that after 21st June, weddings could take place as normal! After a little deliberation, we cancelled our micro April wedding and pinned our hopes on a ‘normal’ August celebration – well, I say normal, we were hoping for spectacular (spoiler alert, we weren’t disappointed!)

April was amazing, as the new rule of six meant we could actually socialise properly again and on Easter we were able to go to my parents for a delicious bbq. The reopening of the hairdressers also meant I could say farewell to my awful roots once more.

In May, a mighty special adventure began without us even realising. This is because after a May Bank Holiday trip to the Wine Vauts, 2 became 1- sorry Mum if you’re reading this.

This evening meant that in June we not only celebrated my birthday but the news we were going to become parents!

July saw us all jump for joy as England made the Euro finals (we won’t talk about the result but the getting there was fun at least!) The month also saw my magnificent Maid of Honour throw me my long awaited hen do even after being put into isolation herself. Luckily, Stu was more than happy to step in and support with the hen duties she couldn’t do.

Which brings us nicely to August…here two big things happened. Firstly, we successfully passed the 12 week mark of pregnancy and could FINALLY announce our exciting news – a v big deal for me who is beyond rubbish at keeping secrets. Secondly, we had that little event you might have heard me mention a few times…our absolutely perfect wedding. I won’t go into all the details as you can read those here but to cut a long story short, it was without a doubt, the best day of our lives.

September saw us go to our first weddings and christenings as man and wife as we had lots of fun celebrating with our friends and family once again.

In October we discovered our bump was in fact a little princess with a typically low key gender reveal at the Spinnaker Tower.

As November came around, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer for Christmas as I put up our Christmas tree. Stu meanwhile used his Pre baby time a lot more effectively as he began work on the nursery.

And now we are in December all set for the most exciting / scary year of our lives! Looking back at 2021 there has definitely been some not so amazing bits with lock down after lockdown and new variant after new variant. But even with those, Stu and I still managed to have the happiest day of our lives, get the best news ever, see our friends and family…and watch the return of Sex and the City- what more could you want?

And just like that I was very very happy.

2 thoughts on “2021, a good year

  1. Finally read this.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  And NO I wasn’t shocked
    about the May revelation – I did realise that must have happened 😂xxxx

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