Take your time

Anyone that’s met me will know that I’m not very good at taking my time…from talking at a million miles an hour to rushing to fit another catch up, walk or activity into my day. However, since having my beautiful daughter Sienna, my entire concept and general attitude towards time has changed.

Before, I’d get up in the morning and know I could be out of the house in 20 minutes, 25 if I decided to put a bit of extra effort in and straightened the back of my hair. Now, it can take me 20 minutes just to make sure I’ve got everything I need in the pram.

What’s more, in my previous life I knew if I said to someone I was going to meet them at a time, as long as there wasn’t a zombie apocalypse, I would always be there at *least* 5 minutes early. Arriving somewhere early now seems as likely meeting one of those zombies and having them round for dinner.

Yet, while this new timeless existence sounds chaotic (and believe me it can be) I’m actually learning to realise it really doesn’t matter. 99.9% of the time, if I’m late the person will understand, no one will die and the event we were planning on doing can just happen 5/10 minutes later. I’m also starting to discover, doing less things at a slower pace is actually so much more enjoyable.

I’ve really learnt this and just how important it is to take my time and savour the moment when raising Sienna. In her 11 short weeks on this planet, I’ve already seen her change so much and everyday we get a new “first time” but also a “last time”. We’ve had first smiles, first baths, first sleeping the night throughs (hallelujah!) which have all been amazing but we’ve also had the last time she fitted into her newborn baby gro, we are getting close to her last night in her Moses basket and I know it won’t be long till we have the last time I get to read her a bedtime story (although that’s mainly because I’m not as good at it as daddy!)

So, now when I get worried that I’ve spent hours “just” feeding, changing and burping Sienna when in my “old life” I would have been for a five mile run, cleaned the house and met at least two people for coffee in the same amount of time…I remind myself that this time of Sienna needing me so much is so so so short and before I know it I’ll be longing for the cuddles, our own little time zone and who knows I might even miss constantly having her sick on my shoulder

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