Enjoy the moment

So, we are exactly half way through the year, Sienna has been around for about a third of the year and I’ve just celebrated my 34th year!

Now, you think with all these milestones I’d feel a bit more together with everything but in reality I feel on the edge about what is to come. Actually, I tell a lie, I feel like I “should” feel on edge. At the grand old age of 17 weeks, Sienna is smiling, attempting to crawl, giving me a lot of sleep and happily gaining weight. I’m also into my maternity leave flow, taking Sienna to classes, meeting friends for much needed coffees and keeping the house sort of in order (just don’t look behind the cupboards.)

However, every time I feel a bit happy about Sienna sleeping through or having time to paint my nails in the day, I hear the “just you wait” brigade. This could be anything from “yeah, just you wait till teething” to “just you wait till you go back to work” or “just you wait till the x month regression.” All of which make me feel like I shouldn’t really get too comfortable by enjoying this time.

Now, as I write this I know that this is stupid because me not enjoying these wins will not make the loss’ any easier. And while i’m sure in a few weeks or months I’ll be writing a blog or on the phone to my mum about my latest worries.

In the same way we got through the hard bits of pregnancy, labour and newborn, Stu, Sienna and I will get through the teething, weaning all the way through to when she is 34 and still needing to ask her mum for help ( sorry mum 😂)

So, in the spirit of enjoying the moment, here are somethings I’m enjoying at the moment!

Sienna’s smile every morning without fail when she wakes up for her first feed of the day

Sienna’s cuddles before I put her to bed

Sienna’s poses when I put her in her clothes for her ootd insta post (knowing full well we will be lucky if it stays clean till lunch)

Sienna’s gurgles when she looks at me like she is desperate to talk

Sienna’s happiness when Stu comes home from work ready to give her bath

But most of all the little personality she is developing each day as she grows into the most beautiful wonderful daughter I could have ever wished for.

4 thoughts on “Enjoy the moment

  1. O Ali lovely blog but just enjoy every stage, believe me it gets better and better . She will be your little friend and partner, you will have such fun together and she will grow up to be amazing woman like you and you will be as proud of her as I am of you. Only prob Is there will be a lot of phone calls 😜🤣🤣😊😊💕💕

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  2. Hey Aana
    I love your blog, sienna is so beautiful just like her mummy and i cant believe how much shes grown
    It looks like you and stu are loving being parents, enjoy every minute
    take care xx

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