One year of Mr and Mrs Burnett

So, almost exactly a year ago I was all set to have my twice postponed wedding, enjoy my dream day and finely become Mrs Burnett.

Fast forward, 300 and something days into married life, I like to think I’ve learnt a little bit about what it means to be a good husband and wife.

Firstly, I’ve discovered the importance of “in sickness and in health.” I’ve written before how I truly knew how much Stu loved me when he looked after me during my first migraine with him. Anyone, who has had a migraine will understand just how horrible they are and I’m so grateful to have Stu look after me during those dark times.

However, in sickness and in health took on a new level in our first year of marriage as we went through pregnancy together. From the puking in the first trimester when he kept me fuelled with carbs, the physio he got me when I had the painful sciatica in the second trimester and of course his encouraging words during labour at the end of the third… I always knew he was there.

The second thing I’ve really learnt about is “for better for worse.” As previously mentioned we became parents in our first year of married life. And of course this has made our life a million times better in so many ways. The smiles we get every day, the pride as she learns something new and just the all round amazingnus that we’ve created the most perfect little girl together (not bias at all!)

But, even with all these things that have made our life so so so much better, there has of course been some of the hardest times we’ve ever been through together as a couple.

When we first got together, the most stress we had was deciding which restaurant we were going to eat out at because we were too lazy to cook. Whereas this last year has seen us go through sleep deprivation, the screaming witching hour (which was always longer than an hour!) and just the all round general stress that comes with keeping the most perfect little girl alive.

Thankfully, with very hard moment we’ve got through together, we’ve also got got stronger together, as we know we’ve got so many better moments as a result.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think after one year of marriage I am anywhere close to being an expert. I still have so much to learn ( it’s going to take a good few years for me to get my head round “everything I have I share with you” when it comes to my Ben and Jerrys!) but I’m so lucky to have the best husband to learn it all with.


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