Four reasons to wave farewell to unwanted hair this fall

While your bikini might be packed away and your sleeveless tops have been swapped for cosy jumpers, autumn is the best time to start your hair removal journey.

1. Cool down and cover up

As we enter autumn and the temperatures start to cool down, it is a lot easier to cover up. Covering up and avoiding the sun for at least two weeks before and after your laser hair removal is essential. Avoiding the sun is so important as it prevents your skin from becoming damaged from UV rays. This is something that can be a challenge for many people, but in the autumn months, when you are wrapped up, the target treatment areas are much more likely to be covered anyway, and it’s much easier to stay inside.

2. Let it grow

While the aim of laser hair removal is obviously smooth hair free skin, between treatments you shouldn’t wax the area being treated as this can have a negative impact on the skin, the hair follicles, and the overall results of the laser hair removal. And while shaving between treatments is acceptable, during the autumn you can comfortably stay covered up, and no one will know if you miss a shave!

3. Don’t sweat

If the recent heat wave showed us anything, it is how uncomfortable sweating can be. Sweating is particularly unpleasant when going through laser hair removal. Laser hair removal aftercare guidelines suggest preventing profuse sweating until the redness goes away as it could again interfere with the treatment. While trying not to sweat in summer is very difficult, in autumn, you are much more likely to stay at a reasonable temperature.

4. Far less fake tan

We all know a fake tan is the safest tan but even this should be avoided whilst undergoing laser hair removal. Thankfully, in the autumn months it is highly likely that your fake tan schedule will have slowed down a little bit in comparison with the spring and summer.

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