The art of taking compliments

We’ve all heard the saying “self praise is no praise” but to be honest, I think we are all conditioned to think it is bad to accept any praise.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m British, a girl or maybe just a bit awkward, but I know I personally find it very hard to take a compliment.

If someone says they like my outfit, I have to say, “oh it’s only from”

If someone says they liked reading my blog, I have to say, “oh it’s just my ramblings.”

And if someone ever says I’m a good mum…well then I instantly start to go on about how I have no idea what I’m doing.

While all of my replies are definitely true, I think I feel the need to automatically shut down compliments because we are all paranoid about looking like a big head. However, while bragging is obviously never a good thing, it’s not good either to insult other people’s opinions.

The polite person saying something nice about my outfit, doesn’t care how much it costs and the fact it was just £5, doesn’t make it any less nice.

Someone can still enjoy my blog, even if it isn’t perfectly written.

And the parenting thing…In their opinion I am good mum and while I might find it hard to tell myself “I’m a good parent” telling myself “I’m a bad parent” will not only ruin both my and Sienna’s self esteem, it will teach her that we can’t trust others opinions and ultimately then actually make me a bad parent!

So, if you enjoyed this blog, thank you! If you like my outfit, thank you! And if you think I’m doing an okay job raising the most amazing girl in the world, I am very grateful!

Ps the outfits in this picture are all 😂


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