What 2023 has in store for Stu, Sienna and me

So, in my last blog I wrote about everything that had happened in 2022. It made sense therefore, to write this blog about everything we’ve got to look forward to in 2023.

Now, January used to always be a pretty lame month. No money, no nice weather and no nice things to look forward to. Thankfully, since meeting Stu things are a bit different.

Okay, so there is still no nice weather and thanks to the rising cost of everything, we still don’t have lots of money…but at least we do now have lots of things to look forward to.

The month kicks off with Stu’s birthday, which despite his protests, we do always celebrate, which he does then always actually enjoy. This year will be particularly special, as it will be his first birthday as a daddy.

This January, will also see our beautiful Sienna get christened. I’m obviously excited about this as I love any excuse to get Sienna dressed up (especially when it’s a dress made by her talented Nana!) But, I also can’t wait to be back at the cathedral with all our closest friends and family. The last time most of us were all there together was our wedding and Sienna was just a teeny flutter in my tummy. So, to go back with her all grown up (well 11 months old) is going to be amazing.

In February, the celebrations continue with Sienna’s first birthday. As mentioned, we have been quite busy sorting her christening, so, I’m not exactly sure what her first birthday is going to entail but whatever we do it will be special. A bit selfishly, I think Sienna’s first birthday is going to be especially special for Stu and I as we mark one whole year of being parents. In my last blog I wrote about all the highs (and lows) we’ve gone through as parents in our first year and like all the testing things we’ve been through before, we’ve come through stronger, happier and just incredibly proud of the perfect daughter we are raising.

February, is also going to be a big month as my maternity leave will officially be over. Now, don’t going to be wrong this is definitely going to be emotional. I’ve had such an amazing year of adventures with my gorgeous Sienna. From our first trip in the car alone together (an epic 15 minute journey to our friends for coffee!) To our first baby class together, where I was paranoid Sienna would be the only baby that cried, pooed and slept at random times! To all the amazing trips with my sister, niece and nephew, where we saw countless farms, trains and a lot of soft play!

However, as amazing as it has been, I’m so excited to grab back that bit of the old me, see all the friends I’ve missed from work and catch up with all the new faces that have started since I’ve been gone.

After my first full month back at work, I know I’m going to be in need of a bit of relaxation and who better to do it with than my wonderful mum. So, in March partly to celebrate Mother’s Day, partly to celebrate her upcoming BIG birthday and partly just to celebrate, Mum and I will be staying at Four Seasons Trinity and going to watch Dirty Dancing. A bit like going back to work, I’m so excited about doing this as I used to love having weekends away, but I’m also a bit nervous as this will be my first night away from Sienna (don’t worry there will definitely be a blog about how this goes!)

As we move into April and May, there is even more to look forward to with Easter (basically Christmas with better weather and better food) and another holiday to beautiful Cornwall.

June is of course exciting as it’s my birthday (still not sure why this isn’t a national bank holiday yet) and to celebrate my mum’s big birthday again we will be going on another holiday.

By the time we get to July and August we should hopefully be back into a full on heatwave (thanks global warming) taking us into all the fun of autumn with pumpkin picking, trick or treating and lots of cosy knits.

A hop, skip and a month later we will then be right back into Christmas!

So, all in all, 2023 looks like it’s shaping up very nicely!


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