My last week of maternity leave

So, I’m officially on my last week of maternity leave and it’s safe to say Sienna and I have been on one hell of a journey together.

There have been plenty of scary firsts…

Our first solo car journey together (a fifteen minute drive to Drayton to see my friend Lucy)

Our first baby class together (a baby massage group where I was convinced Sienna would be the only baby that would cry, poo and not sleep when they were meant to)

Our first time Sienna was sick all over me and her and the sofa…all at the same (thankfully, I had my friend Anso on hand for this. Anso is literally the calmest person ever and didn’t even flinch as she simply took,a puke covered, Sienna into her arms, started mopping the sofa and told me to go clean myself up, whilst I stood there with a leaking boob hanging out)

Luckily, each of these scary firsts become a lot less scary as they quickly became seconds, thirds, fourths …and were soon actually amazing fun (okay, the sick never got fun but I got a-lot better at dealing with it.)

However, as I approach the end of my maternity leave, what’s so much more scary than the firsts are all the lasts.

The last morning I get to snuggle with Sienna in bed as I feed her (dancing fruit blaring in the background)

The last time I get to meet Sienna’s bestie Brooke and her amazing mum Megan in Costa for a catch up/ baby photoshoot/ bitching session.

The last time Sienna and I get to walk around the pond for her afternoon nap as I listen to yet another parenting podcast.

Now, I know these fears are a bit irrational because I know going back to work doesn’t really mean that all these things have to end. They just won’t be as frequent and while there will be lasts there will also be lots more exciting firsts.

First update from what she has been up to at nursery

First time I get to have extra special cuddles as I get home from work

First time I get to treat her with the money I’ve actually earned from going back to work!

So, even though I’m so sad this chapter of the Sienna and Alana adventure is coming to an end, I can’t wait to see what the next section holds as we continue this crazy mother daughter journey together.


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