Rejuvenate your skin with Laser Hair Removal

So, over the last few months I’ve been documenting my Laser Hair Removal journey with Skin Tip, from was it right for me to how to ensure the best results.

Today, on my third session, I discovered the rejuvenating benefits of laser hair removal.

I’ve previously written about how the two areas that I have decided to have treated are my face and my bikini line. Before starting the treatment, Skin Tip owner, Beatrice completed a consultation where she asked how I felt the treatment was progressing. During the consultation Beatrice explained that while the laser hair removal would be successful on my dark lip hair, it wouldn’t be effective on the blonde hairs on my chin.

Laser hair removal doesn’t work on blonde, grey or red hair because these hair colours don’t have chromophores in their molecules, which absorb the energy from the laser. A chromophore is that part of the molecule that “gives it colour.” The colours that we see through our eyes are within the visible spectrum—the ones that are not absorbed by certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

However, just because the treatment wouldn’t be able to remove the blonde hair, Beatrice explained how the treatment would still be beneficial, with its rejuvenating qualities.

Laser skin rejuvenation treats sun damaged skin, age spots and pigmentation. The treatment is also able to turn back the years as it effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking smoother and more even in appearance.

How does it work?

The lase creates beams of thermal energy wich penetrate deep into the skin.The lase beams vaporise damaged skin and by stimulting your body’s natural healing process,encourage collagen production and cell regenaration to reveal glowing renewed skin.

Is it painful?

During the treatment I felt a slight warm tingling sensation which is minimised by the specially designed cryo-handset which delivers a coolong effect to the skin before treatment.

For more information about laser skin removal and laser skin rejuvenation with Skin Tip click here


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