Relax with laser hair removal

Today, I had my fourth laser hair removal session with Beatrice at Skin Tip and discovered another amazing benefit of the treatment.

So far, I’ve written about the frequently asked questions before starting, how to ensure the best possible results and the rejuvenating impact laser hair removal can have on your skin. Today though, I found out just how relaxing the treatment can be too.

Since starting my laser hair removal journey, one of the most common questions I’ve been asked is how painful is it? In the past laser hair removal has been associated with a stingy feeling, almost like an elastic band flicking on the skin…not enjoyable and definitely not relaxing. However, not only have I not experienced this pain I have found the treatment quite tranquil.

When entering Skin Tip, the pampering begins with Beatrice greeting you with a cosy warm pair of slippers and a refreshing glass of water (there are also always lots of delicious Lindt chocolates to help yourself to but I try and keep these to a minimum given the amount of sessions I have!)

A quick catch up later, Beatrice then gives you a soft blanket to wrap up in before starting the treatment. Unlike waxing and evil epilating, the laser feels like a gentle warm heat on your skin. After the treatment, Beatrice then treats you a facial with skin protecting SPF and Aloe Vera lotion.

When I asked Beatrice about the relaxing side effects of laser hair removal, she explained how the relaxation is even greater when applied to larger areas like the legs where she gives a full leg massage as part of the treatment.

Beatrice is pleased to offer a range of rejuvenating treatments soothing facials and hydra facials.

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