Make their Mother’s Day with Laser Hair Removal

Today, I had my fifth laser hair removal session with Beatrice at Skin Tip and with just a couple of weeks to go until Mother’s Day, I thought I’d write about the benefits of laser hair removal for mums.

For mums, finding any time to themselves can be hard, particularly when it comes to self care. However, while you might think laser hair removal is an unnecessary luxury that you cannot afford, this is not the case, and there are many reasons why mums should consider investing in regular laser hair removal treatments.

Here, I explore just some of the benefits for mums with Beatrice at Skin Tip.

1.   Removes Excess Hair
Okay, this might seem obvious but if you are a new mum, the times of desperately wishing for your excess hair to vanish might be fresh in your memory. The change in your hormone levels while you are pregnant can lead to women growing extra amounts of hair on their legs, stomach, face, neck and arms, and this can often make you feel uncomfortable with your appearance, especially if you do not usually have hair in these places. Although you might not want to get laser hair removal while you are pregnant, once your baby is born, laser hair removal can ensure that your body can quickly feel like its usual self again and that you do not have to sit and wait for this excess hair to fall out.

2.   Time-Saving
Mums and free time rarely go hand in hand. So, one of the biggest benefit of laser hair removal is that it saves mums time, ensuring that your morning routine can be carried out quickly and easily. Rather than having to juggle your personal care with that of your kids’, you will instead be able to focus wholly on getting them out of the door. Shaving every day takes a lot of effort, but booking a laser hair removal session with a clinic like Skin Tip, every so often can allow you to keep the hairs away and look great with minimum effort. This can then allow you to focus on the elements of your routine that are most important and that you value the most, and can ensure that no morning is stressful as you try to get everything done at once.

3.   Saves You Money
With the current cost of living crisis, everyone is feeling the struggle when it comes to finances. And as a mum, you might not often expect how expensive raising a child can be, especially in the school holidays and when they are an infant. Then, if you are fed up with spending money on shaver blades and other treatments to reduce the appearance of hair on your body, laser hair removal might be the solution to this problem. Although you might think the cost is expensive, this can end up being cheaper than other hair removal options as it lasts for a long time, and you will be able to stop spending your money on flimsy razor blades that need changing within the first couple of times that you shave with them.

4.   Smooth Skin
Mums often find that their skin is dry and cracked, especially if you forget to moisturise or are always up and about in all weathers. However, laser hair removal can help you to have perfect skin again by enabling you to avoid the scratches and cuts that you can get with your razor, as well the uneven skin and ingrown hairs that you get when you make shaving mistakes.

To book your laser hair removal session at Skin Tip and to find out more information click here


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