Sorry seems to be the easiest word

So, Elton John (and a 00s boy band) once sang “Sorry seems to be the hardest word” However, for me it is very easy…actually a little too easy. Whether I’m saying sorry for being late because Sienna had a poo explosion, apologising to Stu for not settling Sienna quick enough when he is on a work call or just generally feeling sorry for myself when my hair is greasy, my nails are chipped and all my clothes have baby sick on them, I find myself being “sorry” a good few times a day.

Yet, as I write this and even when I say “sorry” for all these things, I know I’m being a bit stupid. If any of my mum friends are late because of their babies, I don’t expect them to feel sorry, if Stu can’t settle Sienna I know it’s not his fault and I know that feeling sorry for myself about nails, hair and clothes is kind of ridiculous.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sociopath who thinks we should go around doing bad things without any guilt or conscience. I’ve got nothing wrong with the word “sorry” when it’s genuinely needed but for me, it seems to be my go to word when I’m feeling a bit bad or insecure.

A couple of years ago I did try and address this “sorry” compulsion by making a New Year’s Resolution to stop saying sorry for stupid things and instead thank people for waiting for me or let people know I appreciate their patience.

Sadly and unsurprisingly, this New Year’s Resolution was doomed for failure and lasted until about February when I was late for a coffee date.

But never one to give up ( I had four driving instructors, three wedding dates and countless running accidents – Believe me, I believe in perseverance!) I am going to have another go at not saying sorry at the drop of a hat and rather not be so hard on myself, look for solutions but most importantly be grateful for my understanding friends and family…and if anyone isn’t understanding that will be my cue to say sorry but I don’t think I should see them anymore.


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