My laser hair removal journey

Like many women (and men) I’ve always struggled with the constant battle of having hair in places I’d rather not. After years of waxing, shaving and smelly removal lotions, I decided enough was enough and sought out a more permanent solution…Laser Hair Removal.

I’d heard lots about Laser Hair Removal in the past, but while the results looked good, I had a few questions-

1. If this was something in my price range

2. Where I could get it done?

3. Was I suited for it?

4. How long it would take?( finding time to do anything with a 9 month old isn’t exactly easy!)

5. Was it painful?!

Thankfully, after a quick look on Instagram, I found a great looking Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation specialist, Skin Tip.

To start my Laser Hair Removal journey, Beatrice booked me in for a quick complimentary consultation.

During my consultation, Beatrice established what my hair concerns were, answered all my questions and recommended the best programme for me.

After a simple patch test, where Beatrice used the laser on a small area of my skin to check for any negative reactions, I booked in for my first hair removal session. Based on my skin type and concerns, we agreed to focus on my facial hair and bikini line.

Ironically, Beatrice explained that now (winter) was the best time to start my hair removal journey as it is much easier to protect the skin and avoid tanning in the colder months. By starting my hair removal journey in winter I could also ensure my skin would be ready for summer.

Arriving at my first session, Beatrice cut my hair to the right length for the laser hair removal. For the best results, a short stubble is required so waxing ahead of the session is not recommended. Beatrice then applied a cool lotion before supplying me with protective goggles and starting the process.

I was surprised (and pleased) to discover that the treatment was completely pain free and both my areas were completed within 30 minutes. Once Beatrice had completed the lasering, she applied a soothing lotion and explained the aftercare procedure.

I then booked a follow up session for both areas (three weeks for my face and four weeks for my bikini line.)

Follow my blog to see how I get on in the next step of my hair removal journey.

Things to consider before starting Laser Hair Removal

• Laser hair removal isn’t suitable for pregnant women, those with keloid scars, and those who are hypersensitive to light.

• Always shave before laser hair removal, but avoid waxing or plucking the hair as this will make hair harder to remove.

• Inform your doctor of any medication you might be taking, as this could affect your procedure.

• You can expect between 6 to 8 sessions for your complete laser hair removal procedure.

• Laser hair removal isn’t always permanent, especially on the face, but it’s very long term.

• You can get laser hair removal all over your body.

• It’s crucial always to get your hair removal treatment done by a certified doctor as, with any procedure, it comes with certain hazards.

• Laser hair removal is a safe and cost-effective way to remove hair.

For more information about Laser Hair Removal at Skin Tip click here


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