My laser hair removal journey…part two

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I had started my laser hair removal journey with Beatrice at Skin Tip.

A hop, skip and some very pleasing results later, I’m happy to share stage two of my journey.

After my last session, Beatrice recommended I kept to the following aftercare plan, to ensure the best results-

• Avoid exposing skin to UV light (sunlight or sunbeds) or self-tan for at least 2 weeks after treatment. This is to minimise darkening of the skin (hyperpigmentation).

• Avoid heat treatments such as spas, steam rooms and saunas for seven days.

• Avoid excessive scrubbing or applying pressure to the skin for four-five days. This is to allow the treated skin to recover and to prevent any infection.

• Avoid shaving the treated area for 72 hours after treatment.

• Avoid exercising for at least 48 hours.

• Avoid hot baths and hot showers for 48 hours.

• Avoid anything that involves chlorine (e.g. swimming) for 48 hours.

• Avoid make-up on the treated area for at least 48 hours.

• Avoid the application of perfumed products or bleaching creams for 48 hours.

• Avoid scratching the treatment area if blistering or crusting occurs, as this can cause scarring.

• Avoid waxing, tweezing and threading for the complete duration of the treatment course.

In addition to all these “do nots”, Beatrice advised that I “did do” the following-

• Do apply aloe vera gel or calming creams for three days after the treatment.

• Do wear loose clothes to avoid friction on the treated area for 48 hours.

• Do keep treated area clean and dry for 48 hours.

• Do drink plenty of water.

• Do use at least SPF 50 sunscreen with Zinc for at least 2 weeks.

As instructed, I followed the plan for the four weeks after my first session and to my delight, by the time it got to my second session, I had already started to see results.

The regrowth on my bikini line and face had not only massively reduced, but the hair that had come through much thinner.

During my second session, Beatrice again cut the hair in my treatment areas before applying a cool lotion ready for the laser.

Thankfully, the treatment was again quick and pain free! After the treatment I booked in a follow up session for five weeks time.

Click here to learn more about laser hair removal at Skin Tip.


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